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carly Kingston, ON, Canada

Technical Writer & Copywriter

I have completed a Bachelor of Science with a major in Biology and hold a Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing. Professionally speaking, I'm a fr...

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Andrew Kingston, ON, Canada


Apple Certified iOS Technician, Apple Certified Macintosh Technician

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Maya Kingston, ON, Canada

Freelance Writer

High school graduate, currently upgrading my courses in order to go to university for English literature and psychology. Excellent in organization, p...

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Rachael Kingston, ON, Canada

Academic Writer

I am an above-average writer looking to support others to ensure they communicate effectively in their work. I'd be happy to edit or support academic...

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Michael J. Kingston, ON, Canada


Literacy Training Sales Training ESL language training Coaching

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Kyle Kingston, ON, Canada

Financial Analyst

I am a native English speaker with low conversational ability in German and French. I have experience building financial models, forecasting, data ana...

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Derek Kingston, ON, Canada

Skilled Young Entrepreneur

I am experienced in many fields of work from retail to personal training and even door security for night clubs. I am a fast learner willing to pick u...

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Jenn Kingston, ON, Canada

Graphic Design and Marketing

Design Proficiencies: Adobe InDesign CC Adobe Photoshop CC Adobe Illustrator CC Adobe LightRoom CC Professional Proficiencies: Strengthening c...

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Tyera Kingston, ON, Canada

Social Media Manager

Musical Theatre Performance Advance Diploma - St. Lawrence College 2014 Post Graduate Public Relations and Event Management - 2018

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Fahim Kingston, ON, Canada

Tech Savvy

For two summers, I was able to work as an office assistant to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Freight Forwarders Tanzania Ltd. in which I gained ...

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Patrick Kingston, ON, Canada

Intelligible, flexible, a strong leader, someone that can be relied upon, benevolent, cultured, creative, etc.

Resulting from a thorough interest in culture, international affairs, language, and the humanities in general, my experiences while attending univers...

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