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Paula Barrie, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing Specialist

Passionate + creative individual with a diverse portfolio in advertising and marketing solutions for a variety of clients, demonstrating ability to wo...

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Deborah Barrie, ON, Canada

Marketing & PR Consultant

I have 18 years experience in digital marketing, public relations and corporate communications and with degrees in Multimedia, Music, Theatre & Film a...

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Christine Barrie, ON, Canada


I am a freelance writer for content, blogs, white paper, grants and lots of other things. I graduated top of my University class in English and have b...

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Al Barrie, ON, Canada


Mostly trade certificates, enjoyed creative writing in college, articulate and able to get the point across, great communication skills, analytical mi...

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Aimee Barrie, ON, Canada

Content Marketing Manager

I was introduced to the digital world back in 2000 when I launched my own copywriting firm, Word Associates. It quickly evolved into the digital age f...

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Rae-Anne Barrie, ON, Canada

Marketing Manager

As a marketing generalist with over 15 years of experience specializing in content marketing, I create multi-channel, multi-platform marketing campaig...

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Amber Barrie, ON, Canada

Health Care, Children, computer

I’m a certified Personal Support Worker and an experienced Blogger

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Michael Barrie, ON, Canada

Content Creator - SEO Expert

My passion, focus, and positivity are just some of the qualities that will contribute to the positive growth of your brand. Years of professional expe...

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Aimee Barrie, ON, Canada

SEO Copywriter

For the past 19 years, Aimee has continued to develop her skills within the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, focusing primarily on organic SE...

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Sam Barrie, ON, Canada

Communications Strategist

Strategic communications specialist with 7+ years of local and international experience across a broad range of communication functions and industries...

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Henry Barrie, ON, Canada

Copywriter, Marketing Consultant

Very specialized writing skills that incorporate unique psychological and emotional strategies that are proven to produce the most optimal results. I ...

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Brandyn Barrie, ON, Canada

Customer service

Excellent verbal and non verbal communication skills. Great with computers with a proficient typing ability while ensuring proper grammar. A natural...

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Anna Barrie, ON, Canada

Writer, editor, freelancer

Professional with masters degree and 18 years of experience communicating effectively to different audiences via various mediums (orally and in writin...

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Brent Barrie, ON, Canada

Content Writer/Copywriter

I've worked as a writer/copywriter/content writer for a number of years. I am adept at interviewing, creative content, and most of all, I'm flexible. ...

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Corey% Barrie, ON, Canada

Bar tender: secretary

Ii have always been good with the public and am comfortable. I seem to change to sjthatjin

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Tony Barrie, ON, Canada


I have worked as a reporter/photographer. I produced news broadcasts. I managed newsrooms in both newspapers and television. I have produced and wri...

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