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Amar London, United Kingdom

Editing and copywriting

A London-based editor and copywriter, producing stimulating content that sells. I specialise in lifestyle, arts, trends and innovations, and offer si...

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David London, United Kingdom


Multi-faceted writer, with years of experience as a copywriter, technical writer, fiction author, journalist and financial writer. I have drafted pate...

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ARIS London, United Kingdom

Freelance Writer

I have a degree In Media and film studies and I am also a published freelance writer. I specialize in alternative health, film and online casino revie...

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Timothy London, United Kingdom


I am a highly skilled copywriter and sub-editor, with examples of both in my resume.

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Camelia London, United Kingdom

Planning Consultant

I hold a 2:1 BSc Degree in Biology (Medical) and a Masters in Town and Country Planning. I have also obtained a diploma certificate in Marketing Mana...

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Andrea London, United Kingdom

Travel Writer, SEO Copywriter

Political Science graduate with post-graduate specialisation in Journalism. Experienced Travel Writer, Digital Content Producer and SEO Copywriter.

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Vanessa London, United Kingdom

Experienced writer & translator

15+ years of office management experience in the arts, cultural and fitness sectors with a strong professional and academic track record in all aspect...

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Loredana London, United Kingdom

EAL teacher

I have a BA in History and Reliigion of Far East from SOAS London. I have CELTA certificate and I am a qualified teacher in Italy where I awas born an...

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Andrew London, United Kingdom


I am a financial copywriter with more than 15 years of experience. I’m particularly skilled at making complex concepts accessible to an educated ...

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Nick London, United Kingdom

Experienced writer and proofreader

Hello, My name is Nick Memphis, A UK based translator, proofreader and Editor...I studied at the University of Sheffield, UK and have worked as a wri...

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Kati London, United Kingdom

Marketing Manager

An excellent communicator, negotiator and decision-maker with an emphasis on creating an environment of forward-thinking ideas. Proactive and accounta...

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John London, United Kingdom

Content Creator

MSc Development Studies - MERIT (SOAS, University of Lomdon) BA Study of Religions - 2:1 (SOAS, University of London) 4+ years freelance writer. ...

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Dani London, United Kingdom

Paid Social Media Manager

I began my academic journey in 2010 when I was enrolled on a 4-year Bachelor’s degree at Queen Mary University of London, where I studied Film and F...

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Stefano London, United Kingdom

Professional Translator

I graduated in Foreign languages and speak 4 languages fluently: English, French, Italian, and Spanish. I was assigned many projects during my career...

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Muse London, United Kingdom

Social Media Manager

Highly skilled in social media marketing, marketing strategy, entrepreneurship, writing, music, audio production, and music performance. AAS in Li...

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Chloe London, United Kingdom

Digital Content Manager

Chloe Diamond works at the intersection of emerging tech and the arts, with emphasis on the human element of marketing, design and consulting. She ...

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