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Dana Berlin, Germany

teacher/ translator

I hold degrees in Business Administration and German Studies, I have a TEFOL certification and do translations from German to English.

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Lorela Berlin, Germany

Translator, Economist, Writer

A motivated and hard working individual seeking for different work opportunities in various sectors. With a background in Banking and Finance as well ...

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Heidi Berlin, Germany

recruiting & onboarding strategies

Before starting my HR and business strategy consulting business, I gained experience in all areas of HR with a focus in recruiting, onboarding, traini...

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Leandra Berlin, Germany

Dig. Marketing & Virtual Assistant

I have work experience in the marketing sector, office environments and service industries. This has given me varied skills and the ability to work wi...

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Marcela Berlin, Germany


I am a dietitian, I have a master's degree in Metabolism and another master's degree in Public Health. I am native Spanish speaker but studied in ...

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Sara Berlin, Germany

Creative Content Creator

I am an editor in chief at an online journal for interior design and work remotely and from home, which is based in Berlin. I am looking for other f...

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Shupiwe Berlin, Germany

Writing, Editing, Research, Reports

Writer, Researcher, Translator and Project Manager I am English but currently based in Germany. I offer editing, writing, proofing, research, and ...

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Momo Berlin, Germany


I'm a freelance 2D and 3D Artist, currently working and living in Munich, Germany. I studied Interactive Entertainment so I have knowledge in various ...

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Lucie Berlin, Germany

Research, writing, translation

Masters degree Philosophy Morals, economy, politics License European studies Geopolitics, euroean politics, cultural studies Graduate of the Co...

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Costas Berlin, Germany

Data Scientist

I am a researcher and an IBM Certified Data Scientist specialising in signal processing and machine learning. I am experienced in creative and effecti...

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Karin Berlin, Germany

Native speaker of German

I am a native speaker of German and can help out with proofreading and translation from English to German and vice verca. I am a reliable and responsi...

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Stephanie Berlin, Germany

Editor & Proofreader

I work on a freelance basis providing highly-detailed reviews of a variety of documents. With 6 years of experience in the medical-legal reports space...

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Serita Berlin, Germany

Copywriter, Editor, Social Media

Storytelling architect specializing in marketing, editing, and journalism. My creative writing and editing are used to craft email and newsletter mark...

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Sabrina Berlin, Germany


I am a freelance translator for English, Spanish, German and Dutch and a writer for German content.

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Ivaylo Berlin, Germany


I have 19 years of experience as a atranslator, proofreader and editor and 10 years of experience as a copywriter. I like working with different langu...

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Noelle Berlin, Germany


Organized, self-starter.

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