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Writing , Blogging, communication Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am in Univerisity for an English Literature and Communicaions/ Journalism degree. I speak four languages (English, Arabic, Hebrew, Armenian, and am ... View more
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Writing, media, communications Ottawa, ON, Canada

View more
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Writing and Editing Specialist Ottawa, ON, Canada

Honours Bachelor Degree in Communications International Business Management Graduate Certificate Masters Degree in Global Health Native Englis... View more
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Writing Advisor Ottawa, ON, Canada

I'm highly skilled in research, communication and both technical and creative writing. I have an excellent grasp of English grammar, syntax and writin... View more
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Creative Writing, Websites, Film Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a creative entrepreneur who's working on the beginning of a branding/web development business. I'm currently learning Javascript and can work wit... View more
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Writing, Editing, and Research Ottawa, ON, Canada

Carleton University, Ottawa — Combined Honours:  Humanities and Philosophy  Degree conferred June 2018. Dean’s Honour List student, graduated... View more
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Medical and Health Writing Ottawa, ON, Canada

Teaching, research and analysis to communicate medical sciences and health issues in a creative, clear and concise manner to inspire change. View more
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Writing/Singing/retired Ottawa, ON, Canada

I write every day on social media. I also have a website and blog to which I contribute when time permits - musicisthelight.com I write critica... View more
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Academic writing/research Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have strong work ethic and I have a good experience in the education field. My background and my former education is in sciences helped me in improv... View more
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writing and editing Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have more than 15 years of experience writing and editing a range of communication products, specializing in turning complex information into clear ... View more
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Writing and Community Building Ottawa, ON, Canada

The past 2 years of my professional life have been spent at Change Heroes. I like to refer to my time at Change Heroes as a very educational lesson in... View more
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Writing / research / policy Ottawa, ON, Canada

I'm a jack of many trades, master of few. View more
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Writing/Analyzing Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a recent Political Science graduate from Carleton University currently working for the Government of Canada as an access to information and priva... View more
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Scientific Research and Writing Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a dedicated undergraduate student in my final year of my Bachelor of Science degree in Neuroscience and Mental Health. Since I have changed degre... View more
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Teaching/Writing Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a recent graduate from Carleton University, with a Bachelor of Honours in English with a minor in History. I also recently finished a one year ce... View more
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Technical Writing, Editing Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a recent graduate from the Technical Writing graduate certificate program from Algonquin College. Previously I earned an undergraduate degree in ... View more

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