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Olivia Cleveland, OH, United States

Historic Preservation Assistant

Recent Graduate Eager to Utilize Skills in Research, Writing, and Communications

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Nicole Cleveland, OH, United States

Marketing and Communications

I have over 15 years of experience in a variety of marketing and communications roles, with a specialization in content marketing, story telling, e-ne...

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Vivian Cleveland, OH, United States

SEO expert, ghostwriter,

Hello, I am Vivian, a graduate of English and literature studies from University of British Columbia. I enjoy writing on variety of topics for blogs, ...

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Angela Cleveland, OH, United States

Digital Content Marketing

I have worked more than 8 years in digital marketing for both B2C and B2B companies. I have grown with the industry and have sharpened my skills in co...

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SASHA Cleveland, OH, United States

Academic writer

Hi, I have seen your post and since I am a prolific writer and extremely creative person who has been in this field for seven years now I would like t...

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Dan Cleveland, OH, United States

Media relations/marketing

I have experience in all the social media platforms, and I have management experience in TV news. I have also marketed and launched several new produc...

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Carmen Cleveland, OH, United States

Data entry, inspections

Fast learner

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Eric Cleveland, OH, United States

Digital Marketing

I help organizations generate profits through the application of digital marketing including funnel development, lead generation, Paid Search and Sear...

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MARTHA Cleveland, OH, United States

Committed to excellence

I am a registered nurse with a Bachelor's degree in Management and Human Relations.

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Allison Cleveland, OH, United States

Researcher of All Things

Greetings, I am am enthusiastic researcher hopeful for an opportunity to hone my writing skills while becoming an "amateur expert." I am confiden...

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Matthew Cleveland, OH, United States

Video Editor

Hi! My name is Matthew W. Bradley, and I’m a highly creative and multitalented video production and editing professional offering several years of s...

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kevin Cleveland, OH, United States

Adwords, social media, pop culture

Adwords, social media, pop culture analyst, digital marketing, podcasting

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John Cleveland, OH, United States

freelance writer

I've been working as a freelance writer for 20 years. I take pride in my creative writing, interviewing and research skills. I have never missed a dea...

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Jacob Cleveland, OH, United States

Wildly Creative Writer and Critic

Only boring people get bored. I am a passionate, creative writer with a plethora of interests ranging from things as concrete as science and tech to ...

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Gregory Cleveland, OH, United States

Experienced writer

I am a former teacher with a degree in English and Mathematics. My varied background has led to numerous different life experiences. I have experience...

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Jayson Cleveland, OH, United States

Materials Engineer

Experienced engineer looking for part-time freelance writing/editing opportunities

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