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Sam Calgary, AB, Canada

Experienced Sales Supervisor

CPR certificate, extremely proficient in English. An expert in merchandising, retail sales, and customer relations. Bubbly personality with a tickled ...

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Victory Calgary, AB, Canada


I am a high school graduate living in Calgary, Alberta. I go to the University of Toronto for biology/biomedical sciences, I am a 2nd year undergradua...

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Delaney Calgary, AB, Canada

Business Professional

I am the holder of a Bachelor of Business Administration from Mount Royal University. I am a Human Resources professional, and also hold several years...

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Clarissa Calgary, AB, Canada


I have a degree in Architecture and English is my native language. Professional skills includes my attention to details being excellent, time keeping ...

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Tim Calgary, AB, Canada


Small business owner. Network Technician Diploma, CDI College, Calgary AB H2S Alive Certificate, ISMS, Calgary AB First Aid Level C Certificate, ...

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Christina Calgary, AB, Canada


I am an experienced writer, editor, and customer service representative. I am a very quick learner and pick up new skills quickly. I am also very deta...

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Margaret Calgary, AB, Canada

Energetic and Outgoing

I am a friendly, energetic, and outgoing graduate of Anthropology, who has done a bit of traveling and loves to meet new people. Athletic and adventur...

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Amanda Calgary, AB, Canada

Creative Marketing Consultant

I have a wide variety of skills which I am able to use to my advantage to get the job done. I am enthusiastic and energetic about new projects and tak...

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Alejandra Calgary, AB, Canada

An excellent architect and a reliable person

I speak English and Spanish fluently. Good knowledge of Microsoft Office software, AutoCAD, Google SketchUp Pro, Autodesk Revit, Illustrator and Phot...

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Gillian Calgary, AB, Canada

Communications Student

I am currently finishing up my Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Communications and a minor in Management and Society. Throughout my degree, I h...

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Olivia Calgary, AB, Canada


I have experience in admin, data entry and people skills.

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Ian Calgary, AB, Canada

Customer Service

Customer Service Basic Maintenance work attention to Detail Report to higher up High School Diploma Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Diploma team p...

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Maira Calgary, AB, Canada

Digital Marketer

Currently taking a Digital Marketing and Social Media certificate course. Will be completed in December of 2019. Proficient in English and Spanish.

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SWAPANDEEP Calgary, AB, Canada

Recetion and cashier

Graduated in 2012. Managed dental clinic for more than 6 years .Having organzational skills ,leader ship qualiies,good communicational skills,able to ...

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candace Calgary, AB, Canada


Reading and writing I have graduated high school

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Juna Calgary, AB, Canada


I have a lot of experience.

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