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Trainer,leader, professional Ottawa, ON, Canada

11 years in telecommunications. Currently trainer for Bell Canada in the credit screening field. A lot of experience within accounts receiveable/ris... View more
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HR and Talent Management Specialist Ottawa, ON, Canada

attributesattributesattributesattributesattributesattributesattributesattributesattributesattributesattributesattributes View more
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Operations Ottawa, ON, Canada

Enterprise Sales Operations | Client Advocacy | Training & Facilitation | Employee Engagement ... View more
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Teaching, Research, Data Analysis Ottawa, ON, Canada

Over 5 years of experience as a researcher and research assistant Over 5 years of experience as a teaching assistant More than 30 published papers ... View more
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Technical Writer, Project Coord. Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Knowledge developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Lorie is a bilingual social worker with a diverse background in research, trauma intervention, psychotherapy, workshop facilitation, and teaching at t... View more
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Project Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

Learning technologies professional with over 15 years experience in the creation, delivery and management of online learning. Experienced in the ma... View more
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Trainer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Significant leadership and management experience Extensive customer service experience in high volume environments including 24/7 contact centres Ov... View more
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Facilitator Ottawa, ON, Canada

I worked for 11 years for Rogers Communications as a Corporate Trainer I currently am a stay at home mom with a small online creative business I wo... View more
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Copywriter, Journalist, SEO expert, Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have degrees in Economics and Education with over fifteen years experience as a journalist and copywriter and over ten years experience writing and ... View more
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Writing, Editing, and Research Ottawa, ON, Canada

Carleton University, Ottawa — Combined Honours:  Humanities and Philosophy  Degree conferred June 2018. Dean’s Honour List student, graduated... View more
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Presentation and Application Specia Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am currently working full-time as an Environmental Assessment Coordinator with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada. I have completed contracts as... View more
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editor/ ESL teacher Ottawa, ON, Canada

As an editor, I have worked on every type of document starting with Nortel engineering manuals, Nuclear Strategy, resumes, theses and books in ever... View more
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Teacher, tutor, assistant, director Ottawa, ON, Canada

Master of Education, University of Ottawa Fluent speaking and writing in Mandarin and English Professional Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Zoom. V... View more
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Policy Analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

Policy Analyst and interpretation of complex International , Federal, Provincial and Municipal laws and statutes. Juris Doctor (Law degree) Doc... View more
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Education Consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

I hold two degrees in Education and a Master's of Education. My diverse educational experiences have helped provide a strong foundation in Teaching, C... View more

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