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Bernita Ottawa, ON, Canada

Registered Nurse

Bachelor of Nursing Certificate in Critical Care Nursing Teacher of English as a Foreign Language Fluent in English (Mother tongue) Intermediate F...

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Brooke Ottawa, ON, Canada

Registered Practical nurse

Team collaboration, practice within our scope while in good standing with CNO, eager to learn to skills and continuing education outside of current wo...

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Ihsan Ottawa, ON, Canada

Registered Practical Nurse

I am a hardworking, energetic and honest individual. I love challenges and love working with people. I have graduated in June of 2018 as a Registered ...

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Crested Iris Ottawa, ON, Canada


Professional skills • Professionalism • Customer Service • Inventory Management • Written and Verbal Communication • Clinical Skills ...

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Sarah Ottawa, ON, Canada

Registered Nurse

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • Can assess problems accurately and use sound judgment to make the most appropriate decision with regards to clients' ...

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Jessica Ottawa, ON, Canada

Registered Nurse

Register nurse

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Raisa Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ragistered Nurse

Compassionate and motivated fully accredited Canadian RN, registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO) with six years of experience in a dyn...

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Alain-Philippe Ottawa, ON, Canada

A competent and caring nurse

Multilingual: English, French and Spanish Nursing assessments, interventions and care (Geriatrics, Mental Health, Med-Surge) 6+ years of customer s...

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Arjana Ottawa, ON, Canada


I have studied as a general nurse. I got I higher diploma as a general nurse .i have experience in the shop and also good a diploma for customer servi...

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