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CEO, Event organizer, Chef, etc Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have experience in many different industry and have successful businesses I am Korean speaks English and Korean fluently. Having strong Social Med... View more
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Lead Cook Ottawa, ON, Canada

Recent University of Ottawa graduate with an Honours BSc. in Biology with experience in ecology and biostatistics. Current M.BEMA candidate at Trent U... View more
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Photography and Cooking Ottawa, ON, Canada

fun loving person looking to make some contacts and expand my professional base in ottawa View more
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Event/Catering Coordination Chef Ottawa, ON, Canada

A bright, creative young woman in love with her niche. I've always had a soft spot for all things creative; food, design, events, decor. If it require... View more
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As a well known chef around the world Ottawa, ON, Canada

My first language is English, I can be very creative, I play a lot of sports which allows me to work with other people. View more
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Hospitality Professional, Ottawa, ON, Canada

Excellent hospitality leader, recruiter, coach and councilor. Enjoy creative menu developments, recipe and cost specifications for menus and food desi... View more
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Engineer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Carleton University Degree NameBachelor of Engineering - BEField Of StudyArchitectural Conservation and Sustainability Engineering Dates attended or... View more
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- Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a culinary management student, and I am capable of handling management roles. I have completed my high school education in 2019 with specializati... View more
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Creative Writing, Websites, Film Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a creative entrepreneur who's working on the beginning of a branding/web development business. I'm currently learning Javascript and can work wit... View more
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Writer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am currently working on an adult novel. I have two years experience in shooting and editing video. I have five years experience in a bakery and one ... View more
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Blogger Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have many years experience as a ghost writer and research writer in various different topics. I also have many years experience in posting classif... View more
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Customer Service Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have been working in customer service oriented jobs for 5 years. A lot of them were temporary jobs promoting products and services at events, prepar... View more
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Writer-traveller Ottawa, ON, Canada

My main strength is in communication and innovative ideas -- whether working alone or with others, I can bring both new possibilities and creative pe... View more
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A good resource you really enjoyed working with. Ottawa, ON, Canada

Reliable down to earth consultant with a strong knowledge base in ACAD. View more
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En administration Ottawa, ON, Canada

Administration d'opérations quotidiennes du programme avec une expertise en gestion des documents et en coordination des ressources. Réponse compét... View more
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