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VFX Artist,Videorapher and editor Montreal, QC, Canada

I am have been freelancing since 2007 and also studied as a Compositor in the Vfx industry! I am an Inter Disciplinary artist View more
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Graphic Artist and Designer Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced awards winning Graphic Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design industry. Skilled in Graphics, Logo Design, T... View more
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Server, Bartender, Promo Rep, Brand Ambassador,... Montreal, QC, Canada

I am multi-task and love to do all kinds of different jobs View more
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Videographer and Communications Montreal, QC, Canada

A freelancer in videography, communication and multimedia, including sound design and performing arts View more
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Graphics Designer, Client Handling Montreal, QC, Canada

2 years of work experience in different fields. Many prizes in acting and debates in school. Many satisfied employers and customers. Good communicatio... View more
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Marketing and Communications Montreal, QC, Canada

I specialize in communications, from multiple different platforms and approaches: 1) Digital Marketing Strategist, with experience working with mediu... View more
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Grande aisance avec le pucblic Montreal, QC, Canada

J'ai travaillé comme assistante à la production pour Luc Boivin durant 2 ans. J'ai également travaillé au service à la clientèle de poste cana... View more
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artiste 2D Montreal, QC, Canada

BAC arts visuels et médiatique, DEC animation 3D, ensignante arts plastiques, peinture, dessin, bricolage, illustration. Animation d'activité pour e... View more
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customer service, sales, part-time Montreal, QC, Canada

I have spent over 20 years in business, learning a multitude of skill sets. From straight sales, to in house training, management to business develop... View more
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Artistic Director Montreal, QC, Canada

Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre and Development Concordia University ❖ Internship position working to empower impoverished communities; ❖ Profess... View more
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Costume Designer, Textile Artist Montreal, QC, Canada

Able to create costumes based on script analysis Experienced at creating costume plots for characters Mastered many textile techniques, surface desi... View more
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Balloon artist on Stilts Montreal, QC, Canada

I have been hired as a STILT Balloon Artist in different festivals in Japan, USA, Italy, France, Germany, and in different countries of Africa. I can ... View more
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Video producer, editor and director Montreal, QC, Canada

I am a graduate from Concordia University with a Bachelors degree in Film Production. I specialize in video producing, editing and directing. I am pa... View more
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3d Artist Montreal, QC, Canada

I'm a Jack of All trade. I do digital 2D and 3D specialise in video games. I'm really good with excel sheet and some knowlege in VB and an Industrial... View more
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Artiste en arts visuels Montreal, QC, Canada

Je suis titulaire d’un certificat en Psychoéducation, d’un baccalauréat en Beaux-Arts et d’une maîtrise en Enseignement des arts visuels et m... View more
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Designer, Artistic direction Montreal, QC, Canada

Hi, I'm a freelance designer. Fashion designer since the beginning, I recently added some tools to my experiences as set designer, artistic director ... View more

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