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Project Manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

Master’s Certificate in Project Management – Carleton University The master’s certificate in project management at Carleton was an incredibl... View more
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Human Resources Professional Ottawa, ON, Canada

Experienced human resources professional with excellent customer focused, compensation management and project management skills. Action-oriented with ... View more
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Records Management Clerk Ottawa, ON, Canada

Computerised Accounting – Diploma Microsoft Applications – Certificate CDI Career Development Institute Ottawa, Ontario View more
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F&B associate Ottawa, ON, Canada

seeking for the opportunity to work in such place where i can learn amd earn more. View more
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Multi talented brand ambassador Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am here as an international student from India. A recent graduate from Algonquin College, Ottawa in Business Administration -Majoring in Supply chai... View more
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Customer Satisfaction Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a very hard working individual who thrives in an organized, professional environment. I have over six years of customer service experience in dif... View more
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2 years experienced Smart serve certified Brand... Ottawa, ON, Canada

Photoshop. Revit Architecture. Auto Cad. Sketch up. Microsoft Office. View more
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ANALYST, Brand Manager; Leader, Best Trainer; Best... Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am best known as a Jack of All Trades. I am also a perfectionist so when I pick up a job I finish it perfectly. In my supervisors' words 'I do my j... View more
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A friendly, reliable and competent employee. Ottawa, ON, Canada

A lot of my experience is in administrative work. It has taught me diplomacy, and a general sense of friendliness and professionalism. I also feel ... View more
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Editor Ottawa, ON, Canada

TV Broadcasting diploma View more
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Technician Ottawa, ON, Canada

No real formal education. 30 years experience in construction and security technician View more
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Customer Service Representative Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a hard-working and dedicated individual with experience in marketing, sales, and customer service. With experience in retail, merchandising, cu... View more
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Property maintenance Ottawa, ON, Canada

Great worker View more
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Information Management or Digital Imaging Clerk Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a dependable, easy to get along with team player. I have 15+ experience with Records Management and Digital Imaging. I am adaptable and wou... View more
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Inventory , production , cycle count Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am exploring the possibility of joining your staff and have included my resume for your review. I am seeking to expand my experience and knowledge w... View more
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Bitcoin Broker Ottawa, ON, Canada

Proficient in Cryptocurrencies Excellent communication Customer Service Experience Excellent writer Team Leader/Mate View more

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