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customer service Oshawa, ON, Canada

Worked in customer service, started school for applied mathematics and switched to accounting. Native English speaker. View more
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Podcast Media Producer Oshawa, ON, Canada

Deep expertise in podcast production, hosting/interviewing, audio/video editing, and website content management. Produce content & shows using humour ... View more
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Management Oshawa, ON, Canada

● Experience in website design, operating an E-commerce business, and social media management. ● Herculean proficiency with Microsoft Office, Pho... View more
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Manager Oshawa, ON, Canada

Maynard MOST System engineering platform 5 S Six Sigma Green Belt Continuous Improvement Leadership Outward Mindset Training Conflict Resolutio... View more
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Supply Chain Expert Oshawa, ON, Canada

CSCMP professional - Certified Supply Chain Management Professional SAP, Great Plains, Cayenta FMS, eSolutions, MS Office Suite, Novell Groupwise Wh... View more
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Assistant/Virtual Assistant Oshawa, ON, Canada

I am a hard working dedicated individual interested in many different projects. I am very proficient with computers and many different programs/ap... View more
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customer service, driver, pet care Oshawa, ON, Canada

A diploma in the Liberal Arts and rough background in pipe trades (yes, very unrelated). View more
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freelancer Oshawa, ON, Canada

none at the moment View more
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Overall reliable, professional individual, with... Oshawa, ON, Canada

I am an extremely professional and reliable person, with exceptional skills to adapt. In possession of experience in customer service both in pers... View more

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