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Maximo Calgary, AB, Canada

Manual handler and Warehouse

 Strong verbal and personal communication skills: English, French and Spanish (native language).  Very patient and good at working with people ...

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Kai Calgary, AB, Canada

Warehouse worker

High school diploma, Sait electrical apprenticeship 1st year

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Judith Calgary, AB, Canada

Administration, Warehouse

Data entry Mailroom Clerical Receptiion

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Ravi Calgary, AB, Canada

Customer service/ sales service

I am fast learner. Communicating optimally with customers is one of my skills which I improves everyday. I am currently studying Petroleum engineering...

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Teddi Calgary, AB, Canada

Handyman/ Women

I have skills in areas such as Highway Maintenance / Construction Retail Hospitality 2nd Yr RV Technician apprentice Mother / taxi / maid / ...

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Huong Calgary, AB, Canada

Essay Writer

I am a student in Brandon University. I do not have many experiences in writing, but I believe that I can improve it by writing more. My grade in Uni...

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Glenn Calgary, AB, Canada

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Cost control and related business process to create strategic advantage that increases revenue potential while reducing operating costs. A Bachelo...

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Marius Calgary, AB, Canada

Project Manager

Highly skilled and dynamic business professional with over 16 years leadership skills and proven track record in power generation, electrical and engi...

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Natthaphong Calgary, AB, Canada

full time

hi I am need full time job.

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Brad Calgary, AB, Canada

Experienced Logistican

More than 10 years’ experiences in the transportation and logistics field in Canada primarily in Oil and Gas field, with expertise in scheduling, su...

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Kevin Calgary, AB, Canada

Volunteering, Hospitality, Libraries

Mt Degree in Philosophy has provided me with Invaluable problem solving capabilities. The ability to approach any problem and figure out how to solve ...

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KAMRAN Calgary, AB, Canada

Logistics Manager

More than 30 year of diverse experience ranging from transport, warehousing, HSE to sales.

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Darcey Calgary, AB, Canada


I have been working as a Administrative Support position for over 7 years. I have wore many hats in the company from receptionist, scheduler,coordinat...

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Beatriz Calgary, AB, Canada

Autocad Drafter

I am a professionally trained hard-working Draftswoman. I have been a team member of large inter-disciplinary Engineering teams on all major Alberta...

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Trena Calgary, AB, Canada

Retail Manager/ contract driver

Retail Manager Merchandising Professional Driver\Delivery.

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Melanie Calgary, AB, Canada

Childcare, orderpicking, warehousin

Many years of warehousing and childcare

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