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Freya Toronto, ON, Canada

Communications Specialist

I have worked in marketing/communications & fundraising for the past 10+ years. I have experience working in the charitable health & environmental sec...

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Jhunel Toronto, ON, Canada

Music Performance

I can handle people very well and understand their viewpoints. I can handle stressful situations and analyze and come up with a strategy I am able ...

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Abdallah Toronto, ON, Canada

Mobile & Digital Marketing Expert

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS • Over 15 years of experience in utilizing various aspects of digital marketing, including search engines, social media, ...

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Joseph Toronto, ON, Canada

Creative Director

I've been labeled as a "jack of all trades" in creative communication realms.

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Anusha Toronto, ON, Canada

Marketing, promotion

I am bored.

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Luciano Toronto, ON, Canada

Business Marketing Student

First of all, I have an analytical profile, focus on result, and extremely organized. Secondly, I have experience in social media marketing, sear...

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Stephen Toronto, ON, Canada

Strategic and Digital Marketer

Recently returned to Canada after 12 years, I have over 15 years experience in Marketing with a focus on digital marketing and strategy. I have exper...

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Sucheta Toronto, ON, Canada

UX Designer and Digital Marketer

I am a Digital Marketer turned UX Designer who started her career as a creative writer at a young age and grew up writing articles and poetry for scho...

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Krishanth Toronto, ON, Canada

Sales and Marketing Lead

Being a graduate from York University with an Honors Bachelors of Administrative Studies (B.A.S.) specialized in marketing; alongside my 1+ year Marke...

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Juliet Toronto, ON, Canada

Online Advertising, Project Manager

I've been working in the Online Advertising space for over 14 years. I hold a BA in Information Technology and Health Informatics. While English is ...

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Jason Toronto, ON, Canada

Marketing Manager

I am a very enthusiastic, positive and realistic marketer with over 10 years marketing experience. Majority of my marketing experience has been with...

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Thomas Toronto, ON, Canada

SEO, Copy Writer, Law Student

Experience in sales & marketing; design & media

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Katerina Toronto, ON, Canada

Marketing Communications

Senior Marketing Communications Professional with 10+ years of experience in the investment industry. Strategic and resourceful, combining outside...

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Naz Toronto, ON, Canada

Marketing Manager

Inbound Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Content Media Marketing and Web Design.

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Karan Toronto, ON, Canada

SEO | SEM | Digital Media Expert

A Digital Marketing professional with more than 7 years of progressive experience in Digital Marketing, Marketing E-commerce, and digital analytics. ...

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Matt Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing

10+ years in digital marketing field. Main areas of expertise are web development, social media, and advertising. Discounts on web build and adver...

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Balakumaran Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing, Video Production

4 years of corporate experience with an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Digital Marketing and Media Production. Expertise in planning, developing...

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AIsulu Toronto, ON, Canada

SEM, SEO & Web Analytics Specialist

My overall work experience comprises a wide range of SEM, SEO, and Web Analytics activities related to the following areas of expertise: - Search E...

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Rebecca Toronto, ON, Canada

Web Design, Blogging, Marketing

I'm a professional digital marketer who has an affinity for learning. I am a graduate from the University of Waterloo with a degree in Honours Arts an...

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Niki Toronto, ON, Canada

Business Sales and Social Media

I am a positive, energetic, motivated to succeed and leader personality. I have developed instructor/coaching skills for teams and individuals mainly...

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Thomas Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing

* 3 Years’ experience in web development * Certified Project Management Professional (PMI-PMP) * Certified Google Analytics and Tag Manager Profes...

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Anna Toronto, ON, Canada

SEO Specialist

Enjoy creating and analyzing digital campaigns to enhance brand's awareness.

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Michael Toronto, ON, Canada

Business Analyst

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Ellsworth Toronto, ON, Canada

Direct Response Digital Marketer

As a direct response marketer I am skilled in Copy writing, media buying, seo/ppc, webdesign, Email Marketing, Ecommerce Marketing, Affiliate marketin...

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Gamaliel Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing Jedi & Webmaster

10+ years of experience in Digital Marketing with extensive background in Graphic and Website Design is ready to help your company expand its reach, b...

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Arda Toronto, ON, Canada


• 2 years of experience in a school-based technology organization. • Passionate about artificial intelligence, computer-human interaction and pro...

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Arlette Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing Assistant

Web and Content Marketing, Search Marketing. I also possess a college certificate in Sport and Event Marketing where I was taking relevant courses su...

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Hima Toronto, ON, Canada

Business Management Student

o Deadline driven and can resolve problems as well as prioritizing tasks to complete with keen focus on detail orientation and organizational effectiv...

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Henry Toronto, ON, Canada


Marketing specialties: Marketing: Marketing proposals, IMC, Data analyze using comScore, Primary research (Survey, Focus group, observation) /Secon...

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Carlos Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing Manager

I am a Senior Level experienced Digital Marketing Manager with close to 10 years of experience combined in both digital and traditional marketing, pro...

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Boris Toronto, ON, Canada

web developer & marketer

Most of my clients can be found on the web for their respective keywords

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Harpreet Singh Toronto, ON, Canada

Customer support /Technical support

I am energetic, hardworking and determined to establish a career path that includes technology and customer relationship management ad their main aspe...

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Rachel Toronto, ON, Canada

Copywriting, writing

As a creative I am flexible and exuberant, yet disciplined in my work. I am driven and dependable, willing to persevere through any challenge to achie...

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Nancy Toronto, ON, Canada


As owner operator of my own marketing business for 25 years writing was a priority. My clients ranged from public health to computer programming. Fr...

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Supriya Toronto, ON, Canada

Experienced Business professional

I am a business professional with background in accounting and finance. I believe I am great at marketing as well. I am a hard worker and very enthusi...

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Jared Toronto, ON, Canada

Regional Manager - Marketing

.DISTRICT!SUPERVISOR ! Staffing#&#scheduling#liquor#tastings#at#LCBO’s#Ontario9wide# ! Scouting,#hiring,#and#training#new#personnel ! Acting#as...

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Paul Toronto, ON, Canada

Undergraduate Computer Programmer

I have one year experience with Fashion Business Management in Seneca College Toronto, Ontario learning the business side of fashion and industry with...

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Charlotte Toronto, ON, Canada

Brand Ambassador or Promotional

I am a bubbly and hard working woman who can market any brand successfully!

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Scott Toronto, ON, Canada

Advertising Account Director

I'm an inquisitive Account Director, Marketer and Growth Hacker that loves to test and experiment with ways to grow brands in the online world.

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Nicole Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing Sales Specialist

Experienced in revenue generation through B2B & B2C business exchanges. Strength in Networking, Online Marketing & Social Media strategies; focus larg...

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Josselyn Toronto, ON, Canada

Promoter/ Brand Ambassador/ Sales

I possess excellent promotional and communicative skills through my position of promoter at various downtown nightclubs and at large scale events and ...

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Conroy Toronto, ON, Canada

Great team leadership skills

I have a strong work ethic and great at managing a team of people

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Anton Toronto, ON, Canada


Here are some of my professional highlights: • Strong communication skills • Proficient at networking and relationship building • Time manage...

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wayne Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing

Over the last 10 years+ i've consistently helped companies acquire online marketshare through my digital marketing e-comm success. I've also succes...

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Sandeep Toronto, ON, Canada


I have a lot of experience in the marketing field.

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Nick Toronto, ON, Canada


I am a workhorse. I am known to make in excess of 100 phone calls per day. In my mind, if I’m not making something happen to generate revenue, I...

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Jasmine Toronto, ON, Canada


Recent marketing graduate, with a passion for being a Marketing Generalist with interest in creative, content marketing, technology, CRM and analytics...

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Aaron Toronto, ON, Canada

Brand ambassador/digital marketer

I am a digital and experiential marketing specialist with over six years professional experience. Count on me to deliver on time, on budget, and on sp...

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Omar Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing Consultant

• Brand strategies, market and consumer research. • Emphasis on Digital Marketing Strategies. • Focus on results. • Proactive and positiv...

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Rahul Toronto, ON, Canada

Sales and Marketing

B2b Sales rep

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Jiashu Toronto, ON, Canada

digital marketing

Marketing Skills: • Social Media: Skilled use and manage social media tools (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube…). • Digital Marketing Tool Skills: ...

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Click Spartan Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Advertising Agency

PPC management is what we do all day, every day. We are masters of brilliant and effective paid search strategies that bring customers to your door.

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Alex Toronto, ON, Canada

An experienced and proven digital content marketer.

With my background of success in content creation and digital marketing, I can help you take advantage of the opportunities that the digital marketing...

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Rhonda Toronto, ON, Canada

SEO Expert

I am a hard working individual with many years experience in sales, marketing and advertising. I specialize in SEO, social marketing and branding. I...

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Abinaa Toronto, ON, Canada

Experienced Administrative Assistant

-Independent worker -Clerical skills -Works well in team -Able to train and lead fellow individuals -Punctual -Highly organized

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Sabrina Toronto, ON, Canada

Jack of all trades

Strongly experienced in graphic design and video production (using Adobe products and Sony Vegas). Equally experienced in social media.

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naga Toronto, ON, Canada

Software Engineer; Web developer; Mobile application developer;

PHP, JavaScrit, Ruby, .Net, HTML, CSS, Linux, C#, Android development, Java, Iphone development, Python, C#, Objective C, MySQL, ajax, linux, windows...

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Sarvy Toronto, ON, Canada

the person who gets things done.

I was a programmer for 8 years, and after that I have managed multiple programmers, graphic artists, clients and projects simultaneously. My forte i...

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Susan Toronto, ON, Canada

10+ years in Online Advertising & Digital Marketing.

Agency and Publisher experience with online advertising and marketing background.

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Claude Toronto, ON, Canada

Journalist, Writer, Editor, Marketer, Sales

I am a seasoned web content writer and editor. I have designed my own websites including SiftingThroughTheTrash.com and Sifting Through the Trash Stu...

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Samantha Toronto, ON, Canada

A Top Notch Event planner

My skills range from website design and event planning and I have formal training and experience in Recruitment Coordination .

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Hibo Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital/Social/Mobile Consultant

Proven multi-channel marketing professional with over 9 years of digital, social & mobile marketing programs and strategic/client development plannin...

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Fahad Toronto, ON, Canada

good Entrepreneur

Good in IT Technical Services

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Pooja Toronto, ON, Canada

Excellent sport therapist

● Effective communication and language skills (English, Gujarati, Hindi, and Punjabi) ● Strong organizational and time management skills ● Fl...

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christine Toronto, ON, Canada

Creative / Art Direction, Graphic / UI / UX Design, Interactive, Marketing, Social Media, Mobile, Tablet, Kiosk, Analysis, Visual Arts, Illustration, Video, Film, Photography, Copy

Delivering creative campaigns for over 19 years, formally trained in the visual arts, graphic design, and interactive media, focusing on engaged onli...

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Cary Toronto, ON, Canada

Innovative marketing director

Expert in all channels of digital marketing with proven business acumen.

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Jenni Toronto, ON, Canada

Digital Explorer

Digital marketing and communications consultant that specializes in content, social media and email. I also throw in HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP in...

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Marie Toronto, ON, Canada

Writer & Editor

Photoshop, InDesign, Content Management

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Chris Toronto, ON, Canada

A designer with an unique style, interested in creating quality design with the desire to do the best for my clients.

With a 20 year relationship with Photoshop, I have also mastered the use of Illustrator, InDesign, Fireworks and Muse. I have experience in HTML, bui...

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Brian Toronto, ON, Canada

To be the best marketer I can be.

Looking for a self-starter, multi-tasker and a great team player? I have the skill set to meet the needs of a Digital Marketer. My experiences r...

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Viken Toronto, ON, Canada

Integrated Digital & Marketing Communications Strategist

Top tier MBA in Marketing & e-Commerce. Google AdWords Certified. Digital Marketing Management certification in progress. Extensive client-agency man...

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Oran Toronto, ON, Canada

I am an digital media, online marketing/advertising and social media professional

 6+ years in digital media, marketing, advertising, social media, product management, e-commerce, online display advertising, email marketing, com...

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Helen Toronto, ON, Canada

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Stephen Toronto, ON, Canada

Business Leader

I have worked at a professional level of sales for the past 5 years, I have also helped develop and app that was created and sold by my partners and ...

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Rommel Toronto, ON, Canada

A one-stop shop for new and small businesses looking to establish their corporate identity and brand.

You can find out about me on LinkedIn ( linkedin.com/in/rccgd) or visit me at www.rccgd.com

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Amber Toronto, ON, Canada

Aspiring Project Manager

A background in sustainability and project management, a strong communicator, punctual, reliable, organized, and knows how to manage time well to mee...

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Melissa Toronto, ON, Canada

Leader in Educational Management and Development

Fluent in all Microsoft Office Programs, Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, Smart Serve Certified, CPR and First Aid Certified, Training in Conflict Ma...

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Victor Toronto, ON, Canada

Best freelancer

Welcome! Translation Interpretation Transcription, Tutoring and other language-related services I a Law and Policy graduate with 10+ years of exper...

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Daniel Toronto, ON, Canada

best at whatever I do. Someone who is known for working hard, and getting the job done. Someone that can be trusted.

Know the importance of customer service, and working as a team. When times get tough, I am known to be a catalyst for the success of myself and those...

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Jack Toronto, ON, Canada

A very hard worker who is always willing to go the extra mile.

I have a plethora of administrative experience under my belt. I am very comfortable in an office setting, and I am very mature and professional for m...

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Ellen Toronto, ON, Canada

Marketing Specialist

- Bachelor degree in Marketing and three years of experience in the field. - Highly proficient in all MS Office applications and can deliver high qu...

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Zsofia Toronto, ON, Canada

best administrating and marketing supporter

I have an extensive experience in various office settings and customer service experience as well. I have experience working with social media tools,...

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bob Toronto, ON, Canada

World's Most Efficient Creative & Production Man

One-Source Supplier for ... Writing Editing Design Illustrations Cartooning Photography Videography with a strong background in sales and marketing fr...

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Michelle Toronto, ON, Canada

Graphic Designer, Professional Services Marketer

l Excellent interpersonal and communication skills l Enthusiastic self-starter, highly organized, and able to work well with professionals at all ...

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jim Toronto, ON, Canada

small entrepreneurial

A+Comptia.....over and under usage on computer and shy about personal networking. Like to learn the ropes. or venues or avenues to work with social a...

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