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Administration Ottawa, ON, Canada

Currently I am not working, but for the past 10 years I have been involved in positions that require Administrative Support . From being an Office Ad... View more
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CSR and freelance writer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I hold a Bachelor of Arts Degree with my Major being in Sociology and minor in communications. I'm currently employed with one of the biggest insuranc... View more
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F&B associate Ottawa, ON, Canada

seeking for the opportunity to work in such place where i can learn amd earn more. View more
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Bookkeeper Ottawa, ON, Canada

• Fully capable of fulfilling accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, bank reconciliation etc. • Honors Diploma in Accounting an... View more
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2 years experienced Smart serve certified Brand... Ottawa, ON, Canada

Photoshop. Revit Architecture. Auto Cad. Sketch up. Microsoft Office. View more
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Government and External Relations Ottawa, ON, Canada

MBA View more
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cheese Ottawa, ON, Canada

30+ years of HR experience 5+ years of Retail experience View more
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Customer Service Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have 30 years customer service experience, but I have trained hundreds of people in those decades. I excel at after-the-sale customer service. I... View more
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Digital Health Ottawa, ON, Canada

Digital health graduate certificate, bachelors degree in medical imaging I have experience working with MS Office, Visio, Project, Telus Practical ... View more
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Technician Ottawa, ON, Canada

No real formal education. 30 years experience in construction and security technician View more
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Sales Consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

Many years of working independently have given me organizational skills. I have had to manage large territories within the pharmaceutical and dental ... View more
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i have been a mover and delivery p Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have been a hard working person for a moving company and delivery company for about 18 years or so that as been my longest time in a job . View more
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Information Management or Digital Imaging Clerk Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a dependable, easy to get along with team player. I have 15+ experience with Records Management and Digital Imaging. I am adaptable and wou... View more
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A creative and innovative employee that can bring... Ottawa, ON, Canada

Lots of experience writing and doing research while working towards an Economics/Political Science double-major. Up to date with current events, and... View more
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business consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a team player. Really organized, always punctual. View more
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CRM Ottawa, ON, Canada

I often notice myself spending a little more time on specific tasks in order to complete them as best as possible. View more

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