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Natthaphong Calgary, AB, Canada

full time

hi I am need full time job.

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Kismat Calgary, AB, Canada

Customer Service Representative

I have three years of customer service experience which included assisting customers in store, and as well as assisting them over the phone. I have ex...

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Mudussar Calgary, AB, Canada

Recruiter, HR administration

I hold MBA degree in Human Resources Management and I am perusing certificate program in Human Resources Management at Mount Royal University. I am cu...

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Eunice Calgary, AB, Canada

Experienced data analyst/admin ast

Detail oriented, proactive and results-driven analyst with 5-plus-year solid track record in manipulating, interpreting, analyzing and reconciliation ...

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irina Calgary, AB, Canada

Administrative Assistant

I am an experienced Administrative Assistant with a solid track record in providing administrative support and completing all types of administrative ...

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Marlowe Calgary, AB, Canada

Creative writer & Therapist

Behavioral therapist by trade, published author, public speaker. Masters Degree in neuroscience. Former owner of a Performing Arts Academy in Nova Sco...

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Maximo Calgary, AB, Canada

Manual handler and Warehouse

 Strong verbal and personal communication skills: English, French and Spanish (native language).  Very patient and good at working with people ...

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Ufuoma Calgary, AB, Canada


I have been a blog writer for many years. I am ambitious and able to complete tasks.

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Amanda Calgary, AB, Canada

Creative Marketing Consultant

I have a wide variety of skills which I am able to use to my advantage to get the job done. I am enthusiastic and energetic about new projects and tak...

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Kelly Calgary, AB, Canada

Electrician, maintenance tech

I am a journeyman electrician with years and commercial and residential experience. I also have maintenance experience. I have a Class 3 with Q lice...

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Talha Calgary, AB, Canada

IT System Analyst Intern

Seeking opportunities within the fields of Information Technology and Software Engineering. Currently working on projects related to Robotic Process ...

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Harish Harry Calgary, AB, Canada

Optician , Customer Relation, Data

Im am currently working as an Optometric Consultant. Have Bachelors in Information technology. Fluent in English, Hindi & Punjabi.

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Craig Calgary, AB, Canada

Marketer, Collage-Pro Painters

I have a High School diploma. I have Marketing skills From being a door to door salesperson Collage-Pro.

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Maeve Calgary, AB, Canada


I am an ambitious student with a positive attitude, eager to take on new experiences. My hard work ethic and dedication allows me to thrive and reach...

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Joy Calgary, AB, Canada

Owning a business

I used to own my own business in the food industry and recently sold it. I have lots of experience managing in the customer service industry as well ...

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Marshal Calgary, AB, Canada

Finance Manager / salesperson

Currently enrolled in a bachelor's program at Mount Royal University, studied at Thompson River University. I have been certified to sell insurance an...

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