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Branding and Marketing Expert Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am a self-motivated and progress-driven Marketing and Branding professional. With a long-standing record of initiative and innovation, I have develo... View more
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Company Branding Specialist Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am proficient in both English and French. I have experience working in Mac OS and Windows. I can work with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign. A... View more
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Web Designer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Degree in Mass Communication Certification in Graphics Designing and Branding Certification in Web Designing View more
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Graphic - UX/UI Designer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am seasoned to work in the design industry. I am comfortable dealing with clients and interpret their needs. I can accomplish tasks independently wi... View more
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Front End Supervisor Ottawa, ON, Canada

Masters in Social Work, Bachlors in Mass Communicationa nd Videography, Post - Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management and Brand Management View more
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Experienced Child Caregier Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have a number of years of experience in the customer service and child caregiving industries. I run my own small business where I design and sell sw... View more
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Public Relations Officer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Language proficiencies: - English (native), Cantonese (speaking), French (beginner), Spanish (Beginner) Degrees: - MSc in Communication Scien... View more
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Marketing Student Ottawa, ON, Canada

Education University of Ottawa - December 2020 Attaining an Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Option in Marketing) Skills Educated in a bilingual s... View more
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B2B Sales Professional Ottawa, ON, Canada

- Business development, prospecting, negotiating, identifying whitespace opportunities with accurate pipeline management - Client service, territory ... View more
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Marketing project manager Ottawa, ON, Canada

10 years in project management 5 years in marketing project management across digital, social media, advertising (video/photography), web, email, ret... View more
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Communications Student Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am graduating with a degree in Communications and Media Studies from Carleton University. I have experience in digital marketing, content creation, ... View more
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Content Marketing Ottawa, ON, Canada

Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and Communications as well as an Advanced Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications Management. View more
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Brand Embassador Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have a bachelor degree in social science with a specialization in conflict studies and human rights. I have done a lot of good well structured writi... View more
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Marketing Specialist Ottawa, ON, Canada

I am passionate about growing and developing businesses and their brands through online marketing. As a graduate of the Business Marketing and Busines... View more
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Marketing Ottawa, ON, Canada

I wake up every morning excited for the 'unknown'; the 'challenge' & conventionally 'uncomfortable' is where I shine. I try to add my unique perspecti... View more
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Marketing Guru Ottawa, ON, Canada

Critical thinking and analysis Interpersonal skills Creative mindset and abilities Communication Problem Solving Digital and social Media Data analy... View more

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