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Aabha Calgary, AB, Canada

Marketing Specialist

I have 14 years of experience in I.T, website designing, marketing strategy, SEO, analytics, website designing, landing pages and social media marketi...

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Oscar Calgary, AB, Canada

Digital marketing and social media

I have experience in all social media platforms including Google +, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest, I would be able to ensure the growth o...

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Darian Calgary, AB, Canada

Digital Marketing Specialist

Experience in SEO management, back links, social media management and project management.

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Matt Calgary, AB, Canada

Digital Marketing Expert

Google AdWords Certification Google Analytics Certification Google Digital Marketing Garage - The Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing Certification

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Mary Calgary, AB, Canada

Business & Digital Marketing

I am a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging, Aging-in-place and a Canadian Specialist in Accessible Housing Design, Wordpress Certified. As an ...

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Darrell Calgary, AB, Canada

FB - IG marketing, Building Mainten

Proficient on-line and affiliate marketer. Currently a student with Morrison Publishing LLC.

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Deborah Calgary, AB, Canada

Marketing/Sales/Home Sales/B2B

A Creative and business-minded marketing and sales professional with 30+ years of experience across a broad range of marketing positions/functions inc...

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Carolynn Calgary, AB, Canada

Digital Marketing Extraordinaire

Skills in digital marketing (social media, video production/editing and email marketing), customer service and customer support Working knowledge of ...

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Jody Calgary, AB, Canada

Marketing & Sales Representative

Bachelor of Science - Degree in Business Operations Self-Motivated – I find strength in being able to motivate myself by striving to do my best at ...

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Alexandria Calgary, AB, Canada

Digital Marketing

Bachelor of Arts, Graduated in Policy Studies with a minor in International Business and Economics Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Google

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kelsey Calgary, AB, Canada

Digital Marketing Manager

Resilient and customer-focused marketing leader with 7+ years' experience delivering exceptional marketing campaigns, content and collateral based on ...

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Jigna Calgary, AB, Canada

Digital Analyst, Marketing Manager

A dedicated professional with progressive analytical experience supporting enterprise decision making through big data forecasting and modeling. Heavy...

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Sherif Calgary, AB, Canada

Marketing and Digital Marketing Pro

Analytical and detail-oriented professional with 7+ years of marketing experience, leading some of the world’s most notable brands. Strategic thinke...

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Andrew Calgary, AB, Canada


All self taught.

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Brenda Calgary, AB, Canada

Facilitator/Engagement Expert

An experienced Corporate Community Relations Professional with strong interpersonal and communication skills.

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Brittany Calgary, AB, Canada

Sales and Social Media

Sales, events and social media management are my strengths and passions. My most recent project was being the Calgary Ambassador for Know Publications...

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