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Naila Oshawa, ON, Canada

UI/UX Designer I focus on creating inclusive experiences that positively impact users. I believe in a minimalistic and user-centric design which is accessible to al... View more
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Allyson Oshawa, ON, Canada

Graphic Designer I am attending Durham College for Interactive Media Design. I previously completed Durham College’s Graphic Design program in Spring 2019. While par... View more
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Drew Oshawa, ON, Canada

graphic designer View more
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Julie Oshawa, ON, Canada

Instructional Designer, eLearning D Fluent in English and Brazilian Portuguese M.S. Instructional Design and Technology (Distance Education Focus) E-learning Development Technical Wri... View more
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Alexandra Oshawa, ON, Canada

Multi-faceted Graphic Designer My experience has helped me develop many skills as well as value the importance of a positive working environment. I've learned the importance of lis... View more
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Roxette Oshawa, ON, Canada

Advertiser-Creative designer I graduated BS Entrepreneurship in the Philippines. I have a background in having my own business in the line of clothing, Fashion designing, and putt... View more
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john Oshawa, ON, Canada

Graphic Designer A creative Senior Graphic Designer experienced in advertising, print and digital media. A strong communicator with a lively attitude who consistently ... View more
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D'Andre Oshawa, ON, Canada

Digital Marketing - Marketing – Business Administration (Ontario Advanced Diploma) - Proficient in Adobe Creative Suite - Marketing Automation & Email Marketing exp... View more
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Zhijun Oshawa, ON, Canada

Video Game Producer I identify myself as an Indie Video Game Producer / Developer with 4+ Years of experience and the skills to match. Other than that, I provide commissi... View more
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Ashley Oshawa, ON, Canada

Communications & Marketing Results-oriented communications professional brings 11+ years of progressive experience in strategic communications and stakeholder relations. A strat... View more
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Victor Oshawa, ON, Canada

Sales Manager With many years of experience in managing it is my desire to apply the company needs and communicate the desires of the company. I am flexible and w... View more
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Zaki Oshawa, ON, Canada

Finance & Business Analyst and Planner I have a proven record of business analysis & planning along with and financial analysis View more
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Rachelle Oshawa, ON, Canada

Journalist, Writer Obtained a two-year journalism program from Durham College in Oshawa Winner of best team editorial Winner of "Boots on the ground" award View more
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Siobhan Oshawa, ON, Canada

Virtual Administrative Guru Have expertise successfully developing and implementing strategic business plans, significantly expanding business opportunities, and managing all b... View more