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Organizing, Nursing Montreal, QC, Canada

I am Arvie. I can speak and understand English well. I’m an international student currently. I’m looking for a part-time job. I enjoy organizing ... View more
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Student Montreal, QC, Canada

Currently I a student of Masters de degree in Human Resources.I am fluent in english and French. I am organized and quick learner. Thnak you. Fa... View more
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customer service Montreal, QC, Canada

College degree in Psychlogy Currently studies: Psychology BA 4.5 years experience in the customer service industry. - Work well in a team o... View more
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Accounting and Finance Clerk Montreal, QC, Canada

Sage 50 | Tax preparation and filing | Advanced knowledge of MS Office 365 | Computerized Accounting View more
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Communications coordinator Montreal, QC, Canada

Communication: Multilingual (French fluent, spoken and written  English fluent, spoken and written  Italian good level, spoken and written), str... View more
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Copyeditor for Vanier Insider Montreal, QC, Canada

With the Agence Ometz I tutored immigrant children in English and got to help them get more comfortable in their transition to Canada. At the Cummings... View more
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Front desk supervisor in a spa Montreal, QC, Canada

I am passionate about marketing and new ways of creating marketing content. My previous experience as a third key holder has provided me with a st... View more
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Responsable de projets culturels Montreal, QC, Canada

Imaginer. Écrire et Produire. Construire ensemble et Partager. Vivre des moments artistiques, poétiques, gourmands et solidaires. Voici donc mes as... View more
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Biochemistry Graduate Montreal, QC, Canada

I've completed a Bachelor in Biochemistry and have recently started a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) that is only given on weekends, meani... View more
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Recherche et rédaction Montreal, QC, Canada

Baccalauréat en criminologie DESS en journalisme Maitrise en vulgarisation scientifique appliqué à l'environnement View more
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Management Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced management with a demonstrated history of working in the music and fashion industries. Skilled in Customer Service, Event Planning, Manag... View more
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Gestion, vente Montreal, QC, Canada

Expérience en vente et gestion. Présentement sur le conseil d'administrative d'un organisme aidant les victimes d'aliénation parentale (vice prés... View more
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English Language Arts teacher Montreal, QC, Canada

Skills: Strong spoken and written communication; basic knowledge of computer skills/programs, quick learner, effective group management skills, keen o... View more
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Sustainability Professional Montreal, QC, Canada

Over four years of experience in sustainability & project coordination. Strong background in working with international non-profit organizations. Work... View more
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Reliable; GE50, Acomba,Dynacom; bilingual View more
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SEO Editor/Content Writer Montreal, QC, Canada

I deliver great SEO content and social media content that attracts readers and keeps them reading. As a writer and blogger for digital and print platf... View more

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