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Lindsay Hamilton, ON, Canada

Training and E Learning Specialist I am excited about helping people succeed and I have experience with different levels of training. I have Sound business judgment, including the abili... View more
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Megan Hamilton, ON, Canada

Outgoing Legal Admin I recently graduated an honours student from Mohawk College with a Paralegal Diploma from the McKeil School of Business. I sincerely love learning and... View more
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Aliyyah Hamilton, ON, Canada

Administrative Assistant ability to learn very quickly through instruction or problem solving View more
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ahmed Hamilton, ON, Canada

Student Completed OSSD Familiar with introductory chemical analysis techniques as well as lab health and safety regulations Fluent in English and Arabic... View more
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Lillian Hamilton, ON, Canada

Administration, change management, Summary of Skills • Employee and process development • Administrative • Change Management • HR/Benefits/Payroll •... View more
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Tess Hamilton, ON, Canada

Honours Bachelor of Science Student I have a background in customer service, working as a waitress through my undergrad. I balance school and work with community enrolment, planning even... View more
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Sydney Hamilton, ON, Canada

Skilled BA/Customer Service Through earning an Honour's Bachelor of Arts at McMaster University, and past work experiences, I have established strong written and guest service sk... View more
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Elizabeth Hamilton, ON, Canada

Administration Assistant • Self-motivated with the ability to work with minimal or no supervision. • Willingness to Learn and Positive Attitude. • Communication Skills... View more
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Linnea Hamilton, ON, Canada

Customer Service, Administration, Research, I currently hold over 8 years of customer service experience, with a focus in hospitality. My responsibilities at my current job (restaurant superviso... View more
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Afrisa Hamilton, ON, Canada

Graphic designer, editor My past experiences together have allowed me to really perfect my skills in time management (handling multiple projects at the same time), maintaining... View more
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Hiva Hamilton, ON, Canada

Best social service worker I speak two languages fluently. All my marks( in high school and university) are above A. I'm a fast learner and have good memorizing skills. View more
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Amanda Hamilton, ON, Canada

Event Planner Extraordinaire I am good at establishing priorities to ensure all deadlines are met, as well as excelling under vast amounts of pressure. I have excellent commun... View more
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Olivia Hamilton, ON, Canada

Student Psychology student from McMaster University. Experience working with children or all ages and groups. View more
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Neha Hamilton, ON, Canada

Freelancer student council in high school for two years 2017 green council (environmentall) member 2015 Event brand ambassador for one month 2018 View more
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Shiqyra Hamilton, ON, Canada

Outgoing OTA/PTA I have years of experience working in retail/sales environments. I have good communication skill and am very personable. View more
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Luanne Hamilton, ON, Canada

Csr upselling retention inbound and 13 years customer service and sales including working with Cogeco Nissan North America Bank of New York Mellon BMO and enercare excellent listenening... View more