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Ruben San Francisco, CA, United States


Animator with artistic talent focused on aesthetics, appeal and audience engagement driven by story. I have a BFA for the top Disney animation school,...

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GALINA San Francisco, CA, United States

Motion Designer/Animator

I spent three years studying graphic design in university and knowledges of it’s principles let me not only make the elements move, but also create ...

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Yosef San Francisco, CA, United States

Marketing Director

With my 12+ years of experience in management, marketing, SEO, design and business communications, enables me to confidently perform this job at the l...

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Sarina San Francisco, CA, United States

Visual Artist

Welcome to my profile, I am a Visual Communications Design student at San Francisco State University finishing up my senior year for a Bachelor's De...

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Shaman San Francisco, CA, United States

Qualitative Research

I craft tailored marketing strategy for world class brands using qualitative and quant research methods. My background is in advertising agencies, ...

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Robert San Francisco, CA, United States


Bachelor's Degree in Modern Literature with an emphasis on Creative Writing Years of experience writing and freelancing for websites dealing in tech,...

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britta San Francisco, CA, United States

Market Research & Brand Strategy

I'm an independent consultant for hire on projects large and small, working with agencies and brands. I specialize in developing actionable consumer/m...

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Adan San Francisco, CA, United States

Visual Design

I am a Visual Designer who enjoys designing layouts for iPad and mobile. I come from a print background having started out in a print shop where I was...

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Gary San Francisco, CA, United States

Creative + Agency Operational Mgmt

I am an industry-recognized Director, Creative Services/Creative Operations Director who has managed creative teams at such branding and advertising c...

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pk San Francisco, CA, United States

Technical animation simulation

I am a 12-year veteran hair, cloth and simulation animator for feature films with a background education in character animation. My responsibilities i...

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Karen San Francisco, CA, United States

Program Manager

With my operations background I get things done. I am dependable, flexible and trustworthy. I have lived in China thus have a global perspective on ...

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Gabriel San Francisco, CA, United States

Freelance Photographer

Creative and client-focused photographer with 10+ years’ experience in consistently delivering premium-quality imagery. Equipped with a record of su...

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Karla San Francisco, CA, United States

Video Producer

Video producer

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