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Network Admin Ottawa, ON, Canada

3 years of professional work experience in customer service , pre-sales and network administration. Certified RPA diploma holder from UiPath and also ... View more
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Networking Ottawa, ON, Canada

SKILLS • Fluent in English, French. Swahili and Kirundi • Mentored more than 10 new sales associates. • Demonstrated strong communication ... View more
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IT and Network Analyst Ottawa, ON, Canada

5 years of experience in the fields of (IT, Networking, Logistics and Admin Coordinator). Exemplary problem-solving skills; able to identify problems... View more
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Network and Security Professional Ottawa, ON, Canada

Network and Security engineering professional with 5+ years of extensive experience in both enterprise and service provider environments. Experienced... View more
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IT Specialiest, Systems Operation Ottawa, ON, Canada

Please see attached resume. View more
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Customer Service Ottawa, ON, Canada

Highly capable result-oriented technical support specialist, with a proven track record in developing productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction... View more
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Senior Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

IT specialist (web development + network management + computer programming + user support) https://www.linkedin.com/in/leandroperezsanchez View more
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Software Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

My top skill lies in Java (Eclipse). I am also familiar with C++ and Python. Implemented the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP) for video and audio d... View more
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IT Consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

With over 20 years of experience in corporate IT I help organizations address the needs of day to day problem solving and managing larger projects. ... View more
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Python Developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

I have a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and a Master's in Computer Science. I have experience in teaching programming languages and electronics. I w... View more
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IT support Ottawa, ON, Canada

A highly motivated and results-oriented professional with diverse experience in the field of electrical engineering and customer services, strong pro... View more
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computer science Ottawa, ON, Canada

I'm here to win! make money and help View more
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IT specialist Ottawa, ON, Canada

ITIL Foundation v3 Associate Degree - High National Diploma - University ----- 2 years : IT SUPPORT SPECIALIST – 2nd & 3rd level, Coty Inc ... View more
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Information Technology Consultant Ottawa, ON, Canada

Masters in Systems Engineering • IT Project management (business systems analysis & stakeholder coordination, ITC infrastructure, project managemen... View more
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DSP developer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Skills: C/C++(2 years), Python(proficient), Linux(every day), HTML/CSS(used), JavaScript/jQuery(Used), Django(Used) Education: diploma of Network Tec... View more
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Computer Engineer Ottawa, ON, Canada

Ph.D student working on AI, Machine Learning, Network. Have more than 2 years experience of being TA in Canadian university. Have more than 5 years ... View more

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