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Job Description

Mechanical, Electrical, Materials Engineer needed to build Custom Alternator Generator (freelance Project, few hours)

Rate $TBD per project
Location Toronto, ON Canada
Mississauga, ON Canada
Type of project Specialized Trade help Engineering
Duration Several hours
Education required Masters
Years of experience N/A
Area of Specialization Engineering
Languages required English
2020-01-11 Workhoppers Toronto ONMississauga ON
Description I need to form a collaboration team which will communicate with each other to construct a small, hand-size alternator generator, within a price of $750 CAD, for the physical parts.

Compensation: Hourly rate TBD.

Initially, 1 to 3 hours to:

- Configure and draw specifications for a hand-size alternator/electricity generator. 1 or 2 hours. Detail the building plan, by communicating with the others, and form an electricity generator which has a high energy efficiency, and lowest possible amount of loss and resistances, to have the resulting power output be optimal for power generation purpose.

Provide the finished files to me to present the plan.

- Electrical and mechanical engineers MUST be able to accurately achieve at least (without load) 75,000 RPM, using 100 volts, or, at least 37,500 RPM using 50 volts, and achieve torque which is able to sufficiently "overcome" the inductor's magnetism resistance. The motor which spins the magnet near the inductor must be a ball bearing type, possibly with a frequency converter to achieve such high RPM, despite "low" power input.

- Ensure the inductance and current output potential is as high as possible

- The shaft and ball bearing materials must be durable enough to withstand 200 volts worth of motor action, NOT 100V. Or, be able to withstand 100v of motor action, not 50V.

And, these two components will, later, incorporate usage of 1 atom-thick nano material sheets, which are bulletproof despite being that thin, while using either non-evaporating liquid to prevent van der waals bonding, or by using two different types of nano sheets, so they won't bond from touching.

The shaft and bearing should be able to potentially use the sheets, by having some kind of screw hole, which is dipped to be "below" the surface which would be touching the partner part.

Or, any other way to ensure the nano sheets stay there, during motor spin.

- Form bill of materials, and make it for under $750 total, for physical materials

- List where to buy the MATERIALS or parts from, whichever is cheaper to afford.

- Later, after drawing and writing building plan together, we can have a 1 or 2 hour(s) meeting to build it together, using YOUR tools.

You must have your own tools that you can work with, after the materials are bought.



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