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Job Description

Social Media / Copywriter Assistant (Work from Home)

Rate $TBD per project
Location Caracas Venezuela (From home)
Type of project Sales & Marketing Social Media
Duration 20-40 weekly hours
Education required High school graduate
Years of experience N/A
Type of employment Freelance/Contractor, Part-time, OtherCONTRACTOR, PART_TIME, OTHER
Area of Specialization N/A
Languages required English, Spanish
Workhoppers CaracasTELECOMMUTE
Job Responsibilities:

- Transcription of podcast audio episodes into English articles and other written materials
- Translation of the English articles into Spanish articles.
- Drafting Spanish content for the HumAIn Podcast brand expansion for International Spanish market
- Social media initiative support for content creation, copywriting, transcription, and research
- Social media support for content creation and distribution on LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok, and additional tasks

This job has the opportunity for significant growth and upside as a result of performance, effort, and market share growth for the HumAIn Podcast and other portfolio brands.

-April 26, 2021


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