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Videographer Freelance Project New York Location

Rate TBD
Location New York, NY United States (On-site)
Type of project Designing & Media Advertising, Video production
Duration 10 days
Education required College/University
Years of experience N/A
Type of employment Freelance/ContractorCONTRACTOR
Area of Specialization N/A
Languages required N/A
Workhoppers New York NY
Hi, we are the creators of the Ebike Conversion Kit that turns any bike into an eBike

Here is our original Crowd Funding video that has had over 30M views:

The objective of this initial project is to re-create the first 20 seconds of our UK video, but with a New York backdrop, American Actors, and subtle tweaks to make it more appealing to an American audience. Our company converts regular bikes into electric bikes.

To be delivered by two actors, as per the original video. But with new locations , set in New York with recognizable backdrops
Phase 1: To select the right crew to work with, we would like to commission a low budget Demo video, with the following specs:
- Just one actor delivering all lines
- Cycling on regular (non-electric bikes) , any bike , it doesn't matter. It can be the same bike in every shot that's fine
- Delivering the script as per above
- Dummy kit for the throw up and catch sections, we will send an empty power pack dummy to be used
- Filming in example locations that set this very clearly in New York as the location of the video
- Moving shots to be done either out the back of a suitable car, or like we did in the original, using a tricycle with someone pedaling and cameraman filming from the back (this makes for MUCH easier filming versatility in multiple locations without needing special permissions)

Phase 2: Subject to approval of the 20s demo video, we will the proceed to finalize the following details and produce the final video:
- Confirm actors
- Confirm locations (based on examples in the demo)
- Confirm final bikes to feature in the video, fitted with our kits (our NY office will arrange this)
Then if this all goes well there will be a Phase 3 = recreating more parts of the original video for a 1.5-2mins full length video , with new locations e.g. California coast.
Plus phase 4 = reproduction in 2022 of the whole video start to finish with our new product coming out next year

-August 9, 2022


Send an email to contact directly the company. This is an opportunity to sell your skills.

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