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Job Description

Videographer (Contract, Freelance)

Rate TBD
Location Calgary, AB Canada (On-site)
Type of project Designing & Media Video production
Duration ongoing
Education required N/A
Years of experience Less than 2 years
Type of employment Freelance/ContractorCONTRACTOR
Area of Specialization N/A
Languages required N/A
Workhoppers Calgary AB
Are you an upbeat videographer that prefers to take the camera out of ‘auto’ mode? If so you may be a great fit to work as an extension of our team as a contract videographer.

We believe wholeheartedly that the drudgery of weeding through medical articles for hours on end is one of the single biggest barriers to people finding true lasting relief from complex chronic problems — we know this because we’ve lived it. We believe finding a clear and actionable solution should not be as painful as the condition itself.

That’s why we’re on a mission to retire those dusty old medical articles and make understanding chronic health problems easy and enjoyable through the use of video. By taking complex topics and distilling them down into easy to understand, bite sized videos that fit into people’s busy lives we’re saving our audience hundreds of hours in research and trial and error. And when dealing with a chronic condition, there is nothing more precious than time.

To be successful as a videographer with our vendors must be professional, polite, and attentive while also being accurate. They should always be prepared and responsive, willing to adapt when faced with challenging scenarios. Videographers must be comfortable with people, excelling at both verbal and written communication.

If you feel that describes you and that you can get behind impacting people’s lives in a positive way, then we encourage you to keep reading.

What you’ll be doing:

-Film practitioners and patients to create 3-20 minute long videos

-No need for post production, but if you have this skill we are open to discussing this as well since we are searching for someone to help us with this

-Greeting practitioners and patients in a friendly way

-Setting up and taking down equipment

-Coordinating film times with practitioners and occasionally patients

-Tracking hours through our time tracking software

-Working with a team within our project management software (don’t worry, its very light weight and fun to use)

-Following pre-production instructions for how to film each project

-Work from a content outline to help guide the subject in the footage (for example: out of frame interview where you may ask questions to the person being filmed)

-Ensuring lighting is always on point

-Showing up to scheduled film times with practitioners and patients ahead of time

-Upload raw footage and audio to the designated cloud location after each session

-Timely and respectful communication with other team members

-Occasionally gathering feedback and content ideas from practitioners and recording them into a designated location for the pre-production team to then work into future sessions.
You’re someone with:

-A passion for film and its ability to aid small businesses

-A comfort with alternative health care (We are a group of integrative medical practitioners that work only from evidence based scientific research, using the right tool for the right job, legally, ethically, and morally.)

-An open mind and desire to learn

-A Friendly, engaging and caring attitude

-Detail-oriented, personable with an excellent bedside manner

-Moderate level of computer proficiency

-Professional and friendly demeanor and the ability to handle confidential information with discretion

-Ability to work independently, take initiative, and to function effectively without continuous supervision

-Excellent organizational skills

-Possesses trustworthiness


-High quality footage and audio quality

-Maintenance and upkeep of equipment

-Staying on top of the changing video landscape and best practices for filming

-Keeping the Project Management software updated (don’t worry it doesnt take much time)

-Uphold a clean professional appearance and demeanor to act as an extension of Neurvana™ and its culture.

What to expect:

-Hourly rate above current market value and based on experience

-Payment of invoices within 7 days of receiving them

-Working with 3 Registered Naturopathic Doctors, 1 Functional Medicine Practitioner and 1 trauma coach (one step removed from a psychologist) to start. Each require about 2 hours of filming per month to start. For example: one Dr. focusses on pain management and one of his recent topics was about how Cortisone therapy works and how new solutions like Prolotherapy stack up against it. Other Dr. t focusses on integrative cancer care and one of his recent topics was how Chemotherapy works and how it fits into an integrative approach. Dr. Smith focusses on chronic female hormone imbalance and a recent video she did was on what your periods can tell you about your hormones.

-Pre-production will already be supplied (Script, planning, due dates, concept, storyboarding, etc. You just need to coordinate a time to film)

-Minimum of 20 hours of work every month between filming, setup and take down, planning times, and travel

-If you also get the post production part of the project you can expect to edit in simple items like words on the side as the person talks about them, zoom ins/outs, pans, intros and outros, stock audio overlay at times, watermark, simple transitions, simple graphics, b-roll and to follow a similar pattern from the brand style guide and using your own creativity to provide a clean and valuable watching experience to our viewers that keeps them engaged the whole way through. You’ll have to estimate hours required for this based on the amount of footage we’ve suggested. Click here for examples of videos we like and what we like about them as a means of determining what commitment to expect in post-production.

-Purpose of videos are to be published on Facebook, and occasionally YouTube. Uploading to platforms not required and we will handle that part.

-Batch film at least once every 2 weeks or once a month. For example, every other Monday for 1 hour with each practitioner.

-Patient testimonial videos will come up occasionally and take approximately 20 min to film

-Most filming will take place within our clinic but occasionally different environments will be needed. For example: filming in a park, at the gym in the building, or other setting.

-Work closely with our Director Of Content Marketing

-Jump in on the ground floor of a rapidly growing company with sights set on national expansion; with ample opportunity to grow with us.


-Adaptability and flexibility in schedule (if you work 9-5 M-F this will not work)

-Ability to dial up when required

-Can do attitude with a willingness to consistently improve

-Your own equipment including but not limited to: a high quality video camera such as Canon Rebel 5 with auto focus, QLED light and stands, ring light and stand, an assortment of lenses, professional audio capture microphone separate from the camera

-Proven ability to film good footage, adjust lighting, and adjust camera settings

-Experience on major productions not necessary

-Professional attire is required

-Professionalism is required at all times while on duty, or anywhere else you would represent us (public events, meetings, etc)

-Experience filming events such as weddings, family gatherings, rodeo, or anything else is an asset

-Signed Information Management Agreement (IMA) and NDA since some of the materials you will be working on contain personal health information (this is primarily when filming patients about their experience)


-September 2, 2021


Send an email to contact directly the company. This is an opportunity to sell your skills.

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