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Job Description

Bilingual Assistant - full time- work from home

Rate TBD
Location Vancouver, BC Canada
Type of project Administration, Business consulting & Finance, Sales & Marketing Administrative Assistant, Business Development, Management Consulting, Market Research, Marketing Consultant
Duration months
Education required College/University
Years of experience more than 5
Type of employment Freelance/Contractor, OtherCONTRACTOR, OTHER
Area of Specialization Business
Languages required N/A
Workhoppers Vancouver BCTELECOMMUTE
Job Description:
1. 协助总裁制定工作目标,与团队合作设计有助于实现战略目标的计划,旨在营造支撑企业可持续成功的好产品、好战略、好团队、好文化、好机制(简称“五要素”或“五好”)。比如,发现和论证企业经营管理上存在的不足,帮助建立或优化工作流程,并提高执行成效。
Assisting the president in formulating work goals and cooperating with the team to achieve the strategic objectives which are created with good product, good team, good culture, and good mechanism (referred to as "five elements") that support the success of the enterprise. For example, finding and demonstrating the deficiencies in business management, helping to establish or optimize work processes, and improving performance.

2. 协助总裁对商业投资项目的筛选、审查、谈判,及合作后的项目管理。
Supporting the president to screen, review, negotiate and manage the business investment projects when getting cooperation.

3. 协助总裁处理政府、行业、涉外事务的公共关系,及相关联信息的披露。
Helping the president to deal with the public relations of the government, industry, and foreign affairs, and disclose the related information.

4. 收集公司决策需要的法律信息、行业信息、关联行业信息和企业内部信息,提供决策依据和分析意见。在此过程中,构建、优化、维护一个高效能的企业管理决策信息系统,以沉淀有价值的信息,并促进团队以量化思维方式进行决策。
Collect the legal information, industry information, related industry information and internal company information needed for company decision-making and provide decision basis and analysis opinions. In this process, build, optimize, maintain an efficient enterprise management decision information system, to precipitate valuable information, and promote the team to make decisions in a way of thinking.

5. 在需要的时候配合完成专案调研、中英文书面翻译,撰写邮件、报告等各种文案。
Cooperate with the completion of project investigations, Chinese and English written translations, mailings, reports and other copywriting when needed.

6. 负责相关拜访人员的接待,在需要的场合担任口头翻译和记录。
Responsible for the important visitors, translation and recording where necessary.

7. 在团队岗位空缺时,提供阶段性岗位支持,并尽你所能担负起岗位职责。比如数字营销和人力资源工作。
When the team organization is vacant, provide periodic support, and do your best to promote responsibility. For example, digital marketing and human resources work.

Skills and Qualifications:
1. 具有5年以上加拿大本地相关工作经验,并有提供明确结果的历史支持。
More than 5 years of relevant Canadian local work experience and have historical support for clear results.

2. 北美大学本科或以上学历,优秀的普通话和英语水平(口头和书面)。
Bachelor’s degree of North American university or above, proficient Mandarin and English in oral and writing.

3. 深谙本地社会文化和商业环境,具备出色的社交能力。应聘者需提交本人过往工作中的实际案例,以证明自己在处理复杂问题、跨领域问题和陌生问题上的综合能力。
Good knowledge of local culture and business environment, with excellent social skills. Applicants who have the abilities of solving complex issues and difficult situations.

4. 具有优异的现代办公能力和信息化技术应用,具备多任务处理能力。
Have excellent abilities in computer and information technology applications and multi-tasking capabilities.

5. 具有良好的身体素质和职业道德。
With good physical fitness and professional ethics.

6. 具有敏锐的商业头脑,是一个积极主动的,追求结果的合作者。

An analytical mindset and strong business acumen, who is a proactive, results driven collaborator.

7. 本地五级驾照和五年以上安全驾驶记录。
Class 5 driver's license and safe driving record for more than five years.

Job type: full-time
Salary: The range of annual salary is from $50,000 to $100,000, the specific amount depends on the level of competence.
Bonus: Extra bonus for excellent performance.
Other benefits:
1) The opportunity to become a partner;
2) The opportunity to get a salary increase.
3) Opportunity to obtain company dividends.

1. 提交中英文简历。
2. 录制3~5分钟个人视频,在视频中介绍自己,包括个人职业发展规划。
3. 提交本人过往工作中的实际案例,以证明自己在处理复杂问题,跨领域问题和陌生问题上的综合能力。
Session 1: What the candidate needs to do
1. Submit your cover letter and resume in both Chinese and English.
2. submit the 3 to 5 minutes video to introduce yourself, including your personal career development plan.
3.Submit practical examples from my past work that demonstrate my comprehensive ability to deal with complex, cross-disciplinary and unfamiliar issues.

Session 2:First interview via Zoom/Google meeting

1. 提交自己符合全部招聘条件的资料,包括文本、照片、视频、音频。
2. 提交一封求职信,论述自己为何应聘这份工作,并对照招聘条件,逐项评价自己的胜任度。

Session 3:Additional documents
1. Submit information that you meet all the recruitment requirements, including text, photos, video, and audio.
2. Submit a cover letter that discusses why you are applying for the job and evaluates your suitability according to the job requirements item.


Session 4: Advanced interview
1. Situational mock interview.
2.Negotiation of appointment and salary matters.


-September 29, 2021


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