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Job Description

Inside Sales Representative

Rate TBD
Location Mississauga, ON Canada
Type of project General support, Sales & Marketing, Specialized Help Real Estate, Sales and lead generation, Telemarketing
Duration part time, contract, permanent ongoing
Education required High school graduate
Years of experience Less than 2 years
Type of employment N/A
Area of Specialization None
Languages required N/A
Workhoppers Mississauga ONTELECOMMUTE
Job Description

Is it really possible?



For (only) 2 lucky Mississauga Area telemarketers with experience and success, it is possible: a telemarketing position, following up on and nurturing qualified leads (NO cold calls). No Real Estate License required. Join other telemarketers supporting one of the top real estate agents in Mississauga, work only 4 hours per day Monday through Saturday, 2 weeks' vacation, NO open houses, NO buyer babysitting, TURN OFF YOUR CELLPHONE after hours and relax and enjoy your life. Your free days are actually free!

This is NOT for the brand new, rank amateur telemarketer seeking a shortcut to proficiency nor is it for the failed telemarketer unable to make a living. Instead, the telemarketers who love this change and do well in this position have been successful, are knowledgeable, have good client management, communication and organization skills, and could continue earning a good living in "regular" telemarketing if they had to, but prefer a set number of hours, with their free time really, totally free to enjoy time with family or other interests and welcome the opportunity to focus on one sales function with pre-qualified leads, the freedom from endless cold prospecting, intense rejection and uncertain, unpredictable feast-famine roller coaster income.

If you have a quality track record, the necessary skills and are ready to come in out of the “constant rejection, feast or famine income roller coaster, regular telemarketing industry”, we have a great place on our unique team for you.


-October 28, 2021


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