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Job Description

Payroll Analyst

Rate TBD
Location Toronto, ON Canada (On-site)
Type of project Administration Human Resource
Duration 12 months
Education required College/University
Years of experience 2 - 5 years
Type of employment N/A
Area of Specialization Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Languages required N/A
Workhoppers Toronto ON
About the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

We’re here to help. When an injury or illness happens on the job, we move quickly to provide wage-loss benefits, medical coverage and support to help people get back to work. Funded by businesses, we also provide no-fault collective liability insurance and access to industry-specific health and safety information. We are one of the largest insurance organizations in North America covering over five million people in more than 300,000 workplaces across Ontario. For more information, visit

You’ll have the opportunity to:

- explore many career paths and follow your passion
- continuously learn and grow professionally
- be recognized for the great work you do
- participate in programs that support your health and wellbeing

You’ll also receive a competitive salary and may be eligible to participate in our health and dental plan.

This is a temporary opportunity for up to 12 months.

Job Summary

Monitor, analyze and control payroll including calculating payroll related changes/transactions Investigate, analyze, reconcile and solve HR/Payroll interface/pay data issues, problems and out of balance conditions. Responsible for importing Payroll/HR biweekly Pay Data files to the Payroll system including reviewing/comparing Workforce Now (WFN) Translator Program exception reports against HR/Payroll daily change reports. Validate and download payroll summary, reports and other control reports to the payroll share drive after each pay run. Knowledge of using HR/IFS and other non-payroll systems to verify calculations, respond to enquiries and resolve issues as appropriate. Distribution of paystubs to employees who are terminated, on leave and out of office, and annual distribution of T4s/T4As, when employees have not registered to use the online portal. Responsible for extracting/downloading/reconciling special payment/overtime requests through the Service Now Workflow Utility Process.

Determine and/or verify calculations using the P/S HR system or direct manual requests to HR or administrative support. Respond to enquiries from all levels of WSIB staff; investigate and resolve issues as appropriate. Ensure processing controls are in place to support integrity of data from P/S HR system to payroll system.

Major Duties & Responsibilities

Monitor, analyze and control all payroll related transactions/activities in accordance with legislative and business rules, ensuring appropriate supporting documents and audit trails are provided by:

- verifying and calculating all payroll transactions, such as salary adjustments, retroactive payments, termination payouts, superannuation transfers and refunds, hires, promotions, transfers, retirements, leaves/returns, benefit changes and updates, refund/override benefits and other deductions, garnishments, family support deductions, direct deposit enrolments, income tax updates (including Net Pay Tax Frequency manual update in WFN), manual cheques, maternity sub-benefits, payment and direct deposit reversal, and special payment requests, etc.
- monitoring, analyzing and controlling all benefits update to the payroll system using Excel spreadsheet, reformatting to the payroll transactions and importing to the payroll system for employees who are on leave or on maternity leave
- depositing employee cheques to bank and determining G/L accounts to apply cheque to
- verifying and calculating retroactive payments/benefits/deductions and prospective salary program decisions for large groups of employees, such as NBU common review date salary changes, BU GI, salary reclassifications, NBU to BU transfer or vice versa
- verifying, calculating and preparing payments for involuntary and voluntary exit programs and other WSIB initiatives at the direction of Legal Services and HR
- completing records of employment in accordance to Employment Standard via online Service Canada
- inputting all appropriate transactions into the payroll system
- detecting and investigating any irregularity of data/payments or discrepancies and liaising with originator and requestor for clarification and amendments as necessary
- reviewing the EI data base after each payroll run, investigating, analyzing , correcting and adjusting any EI record discrepancies through the payroll sub-system
- reviewing control/payroll standards reports after each pay run from the payroll Service Provider ensuring the correct files and reports are saved to the S drive

Running payroll standard reports as required for reconciling, analyzing, balancing, pay data, benefit updates before the payroll preview run, and journalizing monthly payroll liabilities.

Responsible for Pay Data Files Loading and validate payroll input/output for accuracy by:

- prioritizing work schedule to meet processing and holiday deadlines
- reviewing and balancing the biweekly pay data file before loading into the payroll system, and completing the biweekly pay data reconciliation worksheet if any discrepancies supporting documents are required.
- verifying pay date, pay period end date and all batches are in balance and running consolidated reports before the first preview
- ensuring on-line files are downloaded, validated, analyzed, reconciled and balanced in accordance with set schedule
- validating payroll input against the preliminary payroll registery making any corrections/adjustments/changes before the payroll transmission for each payroll run to ensure accurate salary payments/deductions are processed, and final validation if required
- resolving and taking appropriate action to correct any rejects/errors or discrepancies before the actual pay date, such as recalling direct deposit, issuing manual cheques

Investigate, analyze, reconcile and resolve HR/Payroll pay data file issues, problems and out of balance conditions and monitor/ review daily/biweekly/monthly HR/Payroll daily change, exception control reports to ensure all the exception/manual workaround processes are properly imported into the payroll system by:

- investigating, analyzing, reconciling and solving HR/Payroll interface/pay data file issues, data discrepancies/error, problems and out of balance conditions through reviewing various reports and HR PeopleSoft employee profile against WFN after importing the employee demographic file files to the payroll system.
- decision to resolve employee data issues and discrepancies by manually adjusting/correcting the problems as required after reviewing the employee change/pay data reports against the info in the payroll system with proper supporting documents
- importing bi-weekly data files to the payroll system after cut-off and ensuring payroll database is fully updated
- reviewing daily and bi-weekly HR/Payroll change report, HR employee exception and WFN exception error control reports to ensure the correct P/S interface/data files are being imported into the Payroll system
- investigating any discrepancies and communicating any unresolved problems to HR staff and Manager, Payroll

Validate and download payroll summary and control reports to the payroll share drive. Maintain integrity of payroll data and system by:

- validating/balancing payroll summary/control reports on each pay run before downloading to Payroll share drive for history back-up, salary analysis, ad hoc reporting, account reconciliations and salary/benefit analysis
- reviewing and validating on-line cumulative and pay files after each pay run to ensure the correct files are loaded and updated
- reconciling and balancing bi-weekly payroll deduction reports against payroll registers to ensure correct pay files are extracted before distributing reports to operating areas, such as Pensions, Financial Reporting
- communicating with manager about re-run of the bi-weekly reports due to invalid data or duplicated files being used

Knowledge of using P/S HR system, IFS, payroll system and non-payroll applications to verify calculations, respond to enquiries, journalize payroll expenses/liabilities and resolve issues as appropriate.

Maintain the confidentiality of payroll documentation/employee personal data and security/distribution of pay stubs/registers/T4s/T4As and incoming mail by:

- securing payroll reports, files and records under lock and key
- ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of employee personal/payment record/banking/tax /garnishment information are securely protected.
- maintaining a control log for any outgoing documents requested by the operating areas and following-up to ensure they are returned
- filing payroll reports/papers documentations by type/year, and prepare prior years’ payroll records for off-site storage in accordance with guidelines and schedules
- maintaining a history log of off-site payroll records for retrieval purposes
- maintaining subsidiary computer files and records to track/update changes to the pay registers/stubs distribution list
- investigating any discrepancies in the total number of pay stubs and T4/T4A forms received against the the non-participants of the online self-portal
- ensuring pay stubs/T4/T4A forms are batched and secured/locked for confidentiality; ensuring they are distributed and/or couriered as per schedule

Reviewing, date stamping and sorting incoming mail by type/category and distributing to appropriate payroll staff for further action; ensuring all legal documents are secured and logged for control purposes7. Responsible to retrieve and respond to the “Payroll Help Line” and “Payroll Admin” email, and or distribute the enquiries to the appropriate payroll staff for further action if required. Enquiries include detailed pay explanations, documentation in support of payments and calculations, accurate payroll history records to assist in grievance settlements and other labour disputes, advice and guidance on payroll schedules, payroll procedures and processes. Determine how to approach problems to resolve payment issues/agitated employees/agencies enquiries.

Verify and process all payment requests (such as overtime, on-call, etc.) from operating areas by extracting/downloading/uploading the payment files through Service Now Workflow utility process to the payroll system:

- reviewing all payment requests through Service Now according to the pay date schedule; if incorrect coding, deletions and adjustments from the files are to be recorded/commented in the file for audit purposes
- investigating and correcting any invalid data and informing the employee/manager
- downloading the special payment requests and overtime by type; by employee file # and saving the payment files to the S drive for audit purposes
- balancing and reconciling any discrepancies prior loading to the payroll system
- completing biweekly pay data control reconciliation worksheet for all the batches and showing any discrepancies due to adjustments/deletions with supporting documents

Monitoring all batches to ensure they are balanced and posted to the payroll system before payroll transmission

Perform other related duties as assigned or required

Job Requirements


- Post secondary diploma up to three years working toward Payroll Compliance Practitioner designation.


- Two years prior experience in payroll.

Specific schedule:
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

-July 13, 2022


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