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Job Description

Full-Time Mobile App Developer Job

Rate TBD
Location Lahore Pakistan
Type of project Technology Mobile Developer, Programming, Software Engineer
Duration ongoing
Education required College/University
Years of experience 2 - 5 years
Type of employment OtherOTHER
Area of Specialization Computer Sciences
Languages required English
Workhoppers Lahore TELECOMMUTE
About Us:
We are a staffing agency that provides healthcare workers to work on a shift-by-shift basis to our clients. Our clients are Long Term Care and Nursing Homes. We get a schedule of shifts from our clients and assign our employees to go the facility to work for that shift. We currently have about 50 employees consisting of 4 different types of healthcare professionals.

Job Description:
We are looking for a mobile app developer for this full time job.
Monthly salary is higher than PKR 100,000.
This job is ongoing and there are increases in pay as each milestone is hit.
The first stage of the job involves creating a web app for the use of our clients to create shifts (Example: Wordpress Plugin called 'ShiftController' )

The next stage involves creating the mobile app that is used by our employees. This app allows them to clock-in and clock-out from the shift, allows us to use geo-location to verify they are working at the right location, pay-stub generation, adding/modifying/deleting shifts, notification upon new shifts becoming available, push notification reminder of the next upcoming shift and calendar showing all the shifts for that employee. (Example app: Staffy)
The client-side web app and employee mobile app must be part of the same system.
This job also includes performing scheduling tasks on a daily basis: maintain schedule by adding/editing shifts, send/receive phone-calls and emails to book the shifts etc.
The job is ongoing as the mobile app will need to be maintained and upgraded as needed while additional features will continue to be added to increase functionality and versatility.

Minimum Requirements:
Bachelor of Computer Science or equivalent degree
About 5 years of experience working as a web or mobile app developer
Experience as a full-stack developer and familiarity with the different frameworks for app and web development
Prior experience in developing and maintaining a medium-scale sized web or mobile app.
Full-time availability and able to work on weekends (managing the scheduling)

Why YOU should work with us:
Very competitive pay - salary discussion will be held during the interview
Long-term work contract - this job is minimum one year duration (after probation period)
Full-time work and pay - you won't need to take any further side-jobs
Work Portfolio enhancement - Your designed app will be used immediately and in real-time by 50+ employees and multiple clients/employers.
Specific schedule:
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun

-January 25, 2023


Send an email to contact directly the company. This is an opportunity to sell your skills.

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