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Product Sourcing Specialist

Rate TBD
Location Vancouver, BC Canada (On-site)
Type of project Administration, Business consulting & Finance Purchasing / Inventory, Supply Management
Duration contract ongoing
Education required College/University
Years of experience 2 - 5 years
Type of employment N/A
Area of Specialization Business
Languages required N/A
Workhoppers Vancouver BC
Job Description
ROLE The Product Sourcing Specialist role is to work with the Product
Development team to create and order new products for the company. In
addition, they will work with the Inventory Manager to ensure we are
getting reorders of existing products on time and with the best prices
possible. Quickly facilitating the delivery of new product samples so
we can complete our Product Pipeline is an essential part of the
Product Sourcing role. You must also find and build long-term
relationships with product suppliers that can yield increasing profits
over time. This role will work closely with both the Operations and
Brand management teams to ensure inventory is always in stock, not
overstocked, and that our product concepts are created in the most
cost-efficient way possible. RESPONSIBILITIES * Negotiate with
suppliers to achieve the best pricing and quality possible for all
products. * Hold the supplier accountable to producing high quality
products that will enhance the buying experience of our customer. *
Convey the need to build a strong, mutually beneficial relationship
with each factory to ensure a long-lasting business relationship. *
Use data and spreadsheets to negotiate payment terms with suppliers
that all the company to purchase more inventory without the cash
leaving the business as quickly - this promotes faster company growth
and is paramount to our success selling physical products. * Keep
accurate records of samples and communicating with the factories on
which samples are moving to production * Receiving samples and
creating videos for approval before shipping them to the Product
Developer * Updating the product pipeline with due dates and keeping
the team up to date. * Forwarding samples to other team members as
needed * Helping out with administrational tasks around inventory
management and PO management * Obtain the right legal/compliance
documents and negotiations with suppliers when required. * Store
products and samples before shipping to wider team * Arranging the
most cost-effective couriers for samples and shipments * Ensure the
pre production, post production and photography samples are ordered in
a timely and efficient manner. * Maintain friendly relations with
suppliers and keep our company at the top of the list for priority
during busy times of the year (CNY, Q4, peak season) * Relay any other
potential product opportunities that existing factories offer to the
Product Development team to determine if they are viable. * Work with
the Product Development team to validate all associated costs of
product opportunities. * Verify average unit and shipping costs per
SKU for use by the wider team * Seek out new factories to work with
and ensure we can maintain or increase the same quality products while
benefiting from lower pricing * Initiate approved payments to
suppliers for inventory and samples * Validate that PO's are accurate
based on the agreements and samples we are having mass produced * Keep
"Golden Samples" with you, at the factories, and with our inspection
companies for ensuring consistent quality across orders * Work with
inspection companies and the factory to ensure all orders are
inspected for top quality * Ensure all contracts, agreements, and work
is outlined properly in Alibaba or other form used by the factory *
Work with the inventory manager to place orders on time and ensure
payments are made to suppliers so production can begin then relay this
information to the inventory manager for documentation * "Golden
Samples" are left with the factory, with our inspection company, with
the product sourcing agent and also at the company's address with
photos and/or videos showing exactly what is expected of the factory
to deliver. * Golden samples are the full and complete production
sample that is used to ensure the factory knows exactly what is
expected of them in terms of quality, material, size, design, color,
texture, and any other feature every product should have. If a product
or even an entire order are not identical to the Golden Sample, then
we will not accept it nor pay for it. RESULTS * Customers on Amazon
leave 5 star reviews because the quality of our products is top-notch
* Suppliers manufacture our products on time and with a consistent
standard of high quality * Order inspections are routinely carried out
and we never have an issue with the quality of products delivered to
the customer * Samples are ordered, inspected, and delivered to the
Product Developers so we can make the necessary adjustments to create
a high quality product that improves the lives of our customers *
Mutually beneficial relationships are established with all
manufactures, trading companies, freight forwarders, and warehouses. *
Negotiations with suppliers creates a positive ROI for the company *
Golden Samples are updated as needed as we update our products over
time REQUIREMENTS * Experience in working within a sourcing agent
setting * Strong time management skills * Organized
This is an opportunity to join our rapidly growing team in Downtown
Vancouver, British Columbia. Your time here will be fast and furious
and quite the ride. But the rewards are plentiful.
Specific schedule:
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-May 16, 2023


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