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Job Description

Freelance Photographer

Rate TBD
Location Toronto, ON Canada (From home)
Type of project Designing & Media Photography
Duration hours
Education required N/A
Years of experience N/A
Type of employment N/A
Area of Specialization N/A
Languages required N/A
Workhoppers Toronto ONTELECOMMUTE
We are seeking skilled Freelance photographers to join our team. This role is crucial, as the ideal candidate will be responsible for overseeing various functions related to photography and content creation. If you're passionate about creating captivating visual content and sharpening your entrepreneurial and content creation skills, we encourage you to apply and become a valued and integral part of our innovative team.

We welcome new ideas and people, encourage learning and development, and reward achievement. No matter the position, we live the core values of trust, fairness, diversity, inclusion, excellence, creativity, collaboration, efficiency, and responsiveness.


Now, let's talk about money.

There are two compensation structures.
* The first is the same as a real estate agent and brokerage firm.
That means we will pay the selected candidates a 15% commission on all
revenue generated on projects they worked on. This role is
commission-based only. Included Perks: 4 free hours of weekly studio
time for personal use. TFP and non-paid work only, Oopsie360 co-owns
all generated contents.
* The Second is a 0% Commission with a Quid Pro Quo Arrangement in
exchange for studio access based on hours worked. Included Perks: 8
maximum free hours of weekly studio time for personal use. Paid, TFP,
and non-paid work only. Oopsie360 co-owns all generated content.


What can I expect to do in this role?

As a Freelance Photographer, you will:

* Capture high-quality photography and videography for our clients
and our internal needs.
* Edits high-quality photography and videography without direct
involvement in studio management or business operations
* Plan, organize, and execute photo/video shoots to generate original
content that will enrich our portfolio and ensure we deliver top-notch
service to our clients.
* Commit at least 16 hours per week to shoot and edit photos and


How do I qualify?

You will be required to submit a portfolio for this role. When
completing an application, please share a website link with your cover
letter and resume in the pre-screening question below.


* You have an understanding of exposure and lighting, composition,
and color balance, as well as color management from camera to print,
including calibration of cameras, monitors, and testing prints
* You have experience and knowledge of ambient, natural, and
artificial lighting controls and indoor and studio lighting
* You have proven experience in professional photography with a
strong portfolio showcasing event coverage and creative content
* You have a clear understanding of e-commerce and product
photography principles.
* Proficiency in managing image archives and familiarity with archive
system operations.
* You have experience with computer software programs, including
Adobe, Microsoft, document imaging software, and graphic design
* You know creative suite applications, including Adobe Lightroom,
Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Illustrator, as well as associated
image-processing and graphic design software packages.
* You have knowledge of single lens reflex (DSLR) digital
photographic technology, techniques, methodology as well as principles
of photography
* You have knowledge and ability to size images and color settings
for websites and social media platforms.
* You have interpersonal and oral communication skills to interact
with a broad range of clientele effectively and respectfully at
varying professional levels, interact with talent, models, subjects,
and provide clear instructions regarding photoshoot requirements, to
direct and oversee photo shoots, to interact with clients and present
and discuss ideas for photo shoots, to collaborate with graphic
designers and videographers on projects/assignments
* You have organizational and planning skills to coordinate,
schedule/reschedule, and direct photo shoots, manage photo shoots
effectively and efficiently and meet deadlines to deliver on-time
* When needed, be flexible and agile, be business-minded, value
long-term success over short-term gains, and be committed to promoting
the company and its success
* We promote a safe and neutral studio environment. Smoking and
vaping are prohibited before and during operating hours.
* Must not be careless, disorganized, or vague and able to address
conflicts and disagreements constructively and professionally


-May 15, 2024


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