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Vincent Montreal, QC, Canada

Rédaction créative

Rédaction de textes pour un blog voyage et chronique dans un journal. Vente au détail en personne et B2B par téléphone. Mission commerciale en C...

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Nicole Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced Educator

I am individual who has experience in fostering academic success in youth and young adults, who has developed programs geared towards increasing ones...

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Mickaël Montreal, QC, Canada

Acteur , technicien scénique, photo

Superviseur, entraîneur, assistant monteur, technicien scénique, commis, animateur, cuisiner; J'ai une variété d'expériences qui me permettent de...

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Cathy Montreal, QC, Canada

Outgoing Brand Ambassador, Team Man


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Berenice Montreal, QC, Canada


Love. Live. Laugh and learn.

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Hamza Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced brand ambassador

So here it's the time to describe myself. Don't worry I will not be cocky, I'll stay humble in my description. So my name is Hamza and I'm currentl...

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Gabriel Montreal, QC, Canada

Psychologie, droit et communication

Éducation spécialisée en psychologie et en droit Vaste expérience en coaching Connaissance étendue dans les domaines de la pédagogie, de la co...

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Caroline Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced Market Researcher

I specialize in tailor-made qualitative research in fashion, luxury, video games and advertising. My services include developing research methodol...

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Dora Montreal, QC, Canada


15 years collection experience 19 years call Center experience French English and Italian all spoken very well Data entry Reception Customer se...

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Valérie Montreal, QC, Canada

Domaine de la santé

Relation d'aide

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Melissa Montreal, QC, Canada

Writing/Editing/ Facilitation, CSR

I have about 10 years of experience working with the public. 6 years working in a call center. I have worked abroad for 1 year in Italy as an English ...

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Jason Montreal, QC, Canada

animateur service client

Merci pour votre intérêt! Jason Laganière Leclerc suis Bilingue. Je peux Composer/Producing une track de music pour vos projets video, jeux v...

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Lindsay-Anne Montreal, QC, Canada


Passionnée par le domaine de la rédaction et par l'actualité, j'ai oeuvré au sein de différents médias comme journaliste (Transcontinental Media...

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Guillaume Montreal, QC, Canada


I'm a very talented and organised researcher in several fields, mostly history and social sciences. But I can execute lots of different tasks. I'm rea...

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Maria Montreal, QC, Canada

Researcher - Communication Studies

PhD Student, Communication Studies

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Samuel Montreal, QC, Canada


J'ai un regard positif à chaque situation , je travaille dur , j'aime apprendre et je suis très à l'aise dans le secteur du service à la clientèl...

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Cristiana Montreal, QC, Canada


Diplômée au programme de maitrise en communication, profil recherche en santé, j'ai développé un grand intérêt pour l’étude des approches so...

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Minh Anh Montreal, QC, Canada

Tutor and Teaching Assistant

To describe myself, I would say I am an adaptor. I am flexible with new environments and can adapt to people and tasks quickly as I am eager to learn ...

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Fanny Montreal, QC, Canada


Personne engagée et proactive, j’aime mener les projets à terme. Je m’approprie vite les nouvelles technologies et j’en tire parti pour mes ex...

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Charlotte Montreal, QC, Canada


Having previously worked in classrooms, I am used to effectively communicating with the teachers, parents and the children. I organize the curriculum ...

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Valerie Montreal, QC, Canada

Mediator, trainor, consultant

As an accredited mediator and an advisor, I help managers who seek to prevent, identify and solve relational and organizational challenges. I accompan...

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Pria Montreal, QC, Canada

HR Professional & Training Leader

A driven and skilled professional with 6+ years of coordinating and training experience in academic, community, and corporate settings. As an experien...

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Tyler Montreal, QC, Canada


I have just graduated from Westmount high school and will be attending Dawson College in Professional Photography in September. I am punctual and...

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Andrea Montreal, QC, Canada

Artist, organiser

I have many technical skills, am organised, punctual and good with people.

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Bruno Montreal, QC, Canada

Potentials catalyst and more

I'm a professional passionate about bottom-up initiatives fostering the urgently needed reinvention of our global world through social innovation, col...

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Rayanne Montreal, QC, Canada

Communications Student

-I have 2 years of experience in the food service industry, working as a cashier, preparing meals and drinks, making deliveries (walking) and cleanin...

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Julie Montreal, QC, Canada


I am a graduate in the field of history with strong abilities in research and analysis, writing, proofreading, and editing in both French and English....

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Aayah Montreal, QC, Canada

Coordination, Creative Writing

I am an aspiring illustrator and writer. I am seeking a career in journalism. I have lots of writing experience and am now looking to publish and ...

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Alexis Montreal, QC, Canada


Hello, my name is Alexis, a young entrepreneur who has passion and intuition. I’m an honest, positive team player who works as well alone. I like t...

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Rasha Montreal, QC, Canada

Attentive Counsellor

- Trilingual - Can apply tasks effectively - Can handle multiple tasks - Fast learner

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Rania Montreal, QC, Canada


I'm interested in joining an efficient and community-minded team working towards improving the quality of being, for individuals or groups, in any c...

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Claudette Montreal, QC, Canada

Outreach Worker

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Bryan Montreal, QC, Canada

Direction artistique, Arts visuels

L’art exige autant de moi lorsque je suis un simple admirateur que lorsque je suis créateur, dans des domaines tels que la production vidéo, la ph...

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Eve Montreal, QC, Canada


Good communicator, humanist , my empathie helps me to connect as much to young or old people. Dynamic , I don't fear first experiences which gives me...

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Ozlem Montreal, QC, Canada

Teaching and Learning Specialist

In addition to research and theoretical knowledge, I have experience in directly teaching and working with diverse populations including new immigrant...

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Shari Montreal, QC, Canada

Daycare provider/aquafit instructor

I sub at a daycare, take care of children 10 months to 5 yrs old. I teach aquafitness on Saturdays and replace fitness instructors when needed. I ...

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Shriram Montreal, QC, Canada

Data analyst, technical writer


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Julie Montreal, QC, Canada

Assistant Educator

Being a mother of 3 and working with kids from 0 to 5 tears of age has helped me to be strong, patient trustworthy and reliable. I love my job workin...

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Trina Montreal, QC, Canada

Student, graduating in May 2016

I enjoy a challenge and am able to work independently or as part of a team. I am organised, bilingual and a planner. I am creative, artistic and cur...

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Heidi Montreal, QC, Canada

Jack of all trades

I am an initiative person. I always work as if the company is my own. I am a fast learner. Eager to learn new skills. I am a great leader an asset t...

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Niv Montreal, QC, Canada

Hard Working Student

I am a hard working individual who can adapt to any setting and can excel in a team or solo setting. I am sure to be a great addition to any project a...

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Corinne Montreal, QC, Canada

Superviseur service à la clientèle

Les métiers de contact et de relations humaines sont mes priorités de toujours. Contribuer à l’amélioration et l’embellissement de la vie des...

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Thais Montreal, QC, Canada

Film & Television Production Assistant, Event Coordinator, Hostess

I have experience co-coordinating PURE, a travel experience trade show in Marrakech, Morocco, followed by coordinating the Involve Me Short Film Festi...

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Melissa Montreal, QC, Canada

Industrial Relations, Coordinating

I am very team oriented and work very efficiently no matter the situation. My strong organizational and time efficient strategies have been an asset ...

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Valeriya Montreal, QC, Canada

Study Group Leader in Microeconomics

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Yuming Montreal, QC, Canada


I am Yuming Liu, a third year McGill Nursing student. I have experience on medical surgery environments, geriatric environments, and perinatal environ...

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catherine Montreal, QC, Canada

aptitudes en communication / sens relationnel

Diplômée en création littéraire, je maitrise la rédaction d’un texte créatif ou journalistique. Passionnée des arts et de la culture, je poss...

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Jason Montreal, QC, Canada

Exceptional oral and written communications

Public speaking; editing; teaching; explaining complex topics to lay audience I’m passionate about communications. My work aims to promote the sha...

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Regina Montreal, QC, Canada

Experience in customer service, Student in Business Administration minor in Human Resources Management,

Experience in customer service Accumulated years of editing, proofreading, and presenting, data entry Experience in animation from day camps counsel...

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Vasilis Montreal, QC, Canada

Academic and Personal Trainer

I am a hardworking and dedicated individual. -Master's Degree Jewish Studies McGill University -Personal Trainer and Health Coach (2 years experien...

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Lauren Montreal, QC, Canada

Critical thinker with experience in Customer Service and Administration

As a student of social sciences, I have developed a strong capacity to learn and therefore, am easily adaptable to new duties, challenges and environm...

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Stacey Montreal, QC, Canada

Dynamic people person with excellent organizational, as well as communications skills

COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS: - superb writing and editing skills, having contributed to communications products featured in major Canadian newspapers such...

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Sobhi Montreal, QC, Canada

Ingénierie de formation

Je suis actuellement consultant en ingénierie de formation auprès de cabinets de conseil et d’organismes de formation au Canada, en France et en A...

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Amélie Montreal, QC, Canada

Massothérapeute agrée, consultante en réadaptation et spécialiste en réadaptation professionnelle

Désireuse de "prendre soin de mon corps pour donner envie à mon âme d'y rester", j'ai décidé d'enrichir mon bagage de connaissances par une forma...

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Katherine Montreal, QC, Canada

Language Instructor

As a recent McGill Arts graduate, I have mastered the art of effective written and spoken communication, in both English and French. With over 4 years...

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Laurent Montreal, QC, Canada

Chef d'équipe, ambassadeur de marque, animation, gestion et coordination en communication

Compétences: -Communication et gestion (petite structure) -Ambassadeur de marque, Chef d'équipe, superviseur, gestion de grands groupes (20 à 5...

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Lola Montreal, QC, Canada

Artiste visuelle

Récemment diplômée au grade de maîtrise en Arts plastiques par l’Ecole Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne, je suis actuellement à la r...

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Lara Montreal, QC, Canada

Organizational and Community Services Consultant and Ph.D Student in Psychology

I provide assessment and interventions at the individual, group, and organizational levels (ex: community program evaluation or development, organizat...

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Nicolas Montreal, QC, Canada

Technicien audiovisuel

J’ai travaillé quelques années dans le domaine audiovisuel en Europe.Je travaille présentement dans la restauration. Cette expérience m’a perm...

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Ross Montreal, QC, Canada

Animator, Facilitator, Researcher

I have 5 years work experience in retail sales, management and warehouse/merchandising. Additionally I have 5 years experience in program facilitatio...

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Antoinette Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced technical administrative

Not afraid of challenges

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Frank Montreal, QC, Canada

Smart Worker

I posses a skill set that can be applied to many scenarios or various work place situations.such as transportation management entertainment evaluati...

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rachelle Montreal, QC, Canada

Outgoing psychology student

I am the type of person that thrives in a group, while not being afraid to voice my independent opinion. I am a very positive person, with a realistic...

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amine Montreal, QC, Canada

service a la clientèle - soutien technique - informaticien

Mes qualifications et mon intérêt à travailler au sein de votre équipe me procurent les compétences nécessaires pour offrir un service qui ...

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Isabelle Montreal, QC, Canada

Animatrice, service à la clientèle, conférencière, recherchiste

Connaissance des groupes ethnoreligieux du Québec; Communicatrice efficace; Entregent; Service axé sur la satisfaction du client; organisation de co...

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Marie-Josée Montreal, QC, Canada

Étudiante de dernière année en gestion des ressources humaines, expérience en animation, vente, administration et gestion

J’ai travaillée au sein de la fonction publique québécois (Emploi-Québec) en tant qu’agente de promotion pour le Placement étudiant sur une p...

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Julia Montreal, QC, Canada

Outgoing and motivated

Given any task, I will find a way to perform it well! I enjoy working with people in high-energy environments.

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Eric Montreal, QC, Canada

Hard worker

Although choosing Team player and Independent worker is contradictory it is exactly what I am. I can be flexible enough to work with a team and put th...

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Karina Montreal, QC, Canada

Best detail oriented Travel Agent

• excellent computer skills (Microsoft Office, Outlook, Adobe software, QuickBooks) • knowledge of a GDS (Amadeus, Galileo, Apollo) • package ...

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justin Montreal, QC, Canada


I am young, energetic and capable in an array of tasks. I am perfectly bilingual in French and English; I can communicate very decently in Spanish an...

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Cédric Montreal, QC, Canada

quelqu'un de fiable

Solide expérience en animation et formation auprès des jeunes de 5 à 12 ans.

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Ann Montreal, QC, Canada

Motivated and hard working, flexible skills to apply in a wide range of areas. I can learn to do anything!

MS Suite, Outlook, Photoshop, Internet, Accpac COontact me also via E-MAIL: [email protected]

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Cynthia Montreal, QC, Canada

Bachelor's in Psychology

Fluent in both spoken and written English and French; Knowledgeable in Word, Excel and Powerpoint

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Mara Montreal, QC, Canada

Accounting, administration, business & financial consultant

My full CV could be resumed this way: 25 years experience in the business world as an external consultant to various companies in very different field...

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Nadia Montreal, QC, Canada

Educator, human rights advocate

o Bachelor of Education, Junior/Intermediate Division (grades 4-10); History specialization o Over 3 years experience facilitating workshops with hi...

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Jonathan Montreal, QC, Canada

as someone who always challenges himself and keeps on growing.

Warm charisma, ease with animation and giving presentation, creative

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Annabelle Montreal, QC, Canada

Best employee ever!

I am bilingual and I can write and speak fluently in English and French. I am motivated, enthusiastic, professional and I can learn easily. I know Wo...

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Jaye Montreal, QC, Canada

A professional in anything I apply myself to.

A consistent and rewarding thread throughout my professional life has been my ability to effectively connect and inspire people. It does not matter wh...

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Christine Montreal, QC, Canada

Best editor, communicator

A+ computer skills (MAC) writing & editing, communication

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Gabrielle Montreal, QC, Canada

Event Planner


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Marie Montreal, QC, Canada

Great in Hospitality Management

I fluently speak english, french and spanish. I used to travel around the world. I'm willing to stay in Montréal and work in the hospitality field i...

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Ariann Montreal, QC, Canada

étudiante en communication

réalisation de vidéos promotionnels : Final cut pro, maitrise caméra canon 5D mark III et 7D, compressor, Avid, photoshop.

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Gabriel Montreal, QC, Canada

Un excellent représentant

Bonjour Si vous cherchez quelqu'un de dynamique, qualifié, enthousiaste, professionnel et éloquent, je suis votre homme.

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Florenda Catherine Montreal, QC, Canada

Meilleure technicienne comptable

La meilleure technicienne comptable appliquée et minutieuse dans tous les tâches à accomplir. Trésorière pour le ministère ECYC depuis plusie...

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Brigitte Montreal, QC, Canada

Best Virtual Assistant

Fluent in English & French. I have experience in management, event planning, administive & executive assistant, Customer relations.

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Marie-France Montreal, QC, Canada

communicatinon expert

- communications -organizational development -HR

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Charles-Hugo Montreal, QC, Canada

Outstanding Brand manager

Customer service, social media, public relations, branding, graphic designer, Web suppor

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Michee Montreal, QC, Canada


je suis apte a tout faire

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Mirna Montreal, QC, Canada

The Planner

fluent in 3.5 languages, excellent communications skills, public speaker..

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Julien Montreal, QC, Canada

Design Media Photography

I am presently completing a major in Film Studies; my corpus also includes courses on photgraphy, production, screen printing, communications, art his...

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Leigh Montreal, QC, Canada

Specialized Art Educator

I am a specialized art educator in Visual Art and Dance and have experience working in classroom, community, museum and gallery environments. I also ...

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Loic Montreal, QC, Canada


Strong experience and skills in training and coaching. Impeccable communication skills. NLP trainer, can design trainings. Fluent communicator in fre...

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Ameneh Montreal, QC, Canada


• I hold a M.Sc and B.Sc degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering • I have an extensive knowledge of electrical and computer engineering co...

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J Montreal, QC, Canada

Project Coordinator


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Emily Montreal, QC, Canada

. Great Team Player

I am a creative individual looking forward to work with people in all kinds of circumstances. I have plenty of experience working with children of al...

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Grace Montreal, QC, Canada

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Kerby Montreal, QC, Canada

Entrepreneur, un Team player, un fonceur, je travaille dur, sérieux, fiable

Je suis étudiant à l'université. Recherche un emploi temps partiel de jours! Disponible tous les jours, sauf le mardi! DEP en Vente&Conseille et A...

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Sabrina Montreal, QC, Canada

La meilleure conseillère

Je possède les compétences d’une bonne vendeuse et conseillère telles que l’entregent, la facilité de communiquer et la persuasion. De plus, ...

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Philippe Montreal, QC, Canada

Technical Analyst

I am an ambitious, reliable leader, capable of helping people work together efficiently. Additionally, I have an ability to pick up skills quickly. I...

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Vicki Montreal, QC, Canada

Human relations professional

BA Specialization Human Relations. Designed facilitated and evaluated a series of personal growth workshops. Personal assistant for a professional ps...

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kelly Montreal, QC, Canada


I have just compelted my Bachelor of Science at McGill University. I am a regular user of all microsoft software, incluing word, excel, powerpoint, a...

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Julie Montreal, QC, Canada

Performer, artist, great coordinator and leader in communications, administration and arts & culture

Dancer, singer, funny girl, actor and a project leader !

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Katherine Montreal, QC, Canada

Creative Coordinator ready to manage your next project or join your team.

I have a demonstrated ability to coordinate people, information, and resources with a solutions-based approach that clarifies processes, build consen...

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Lauren Montreal, QC, Canada

Administrative assistant

Quick-learner, business background, organized and detailed, looking for office environment, high experience in customer relations.

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Marie Montreal, QC, Canada

Accounting Student

Photoshop Flash Acomba

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Katherine Montreal, QC, Canada

Making what I do count!

I have experience in the areas of costumer service, teaching, editing and publishing and media and communication. On top of my professional and v...

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Maryse Montreal, QC, Canada

project coordinator and project manager -

An engaging, highly motivated, and professional Project Coordinator and Manager with a diverse track record of taking on, executing and completing la...

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Karen Montreal, QC, Canada

i am an extremely efficient,resourceful go getter.

well versed in social media,homestaging and real estate. Decor and design are my passions.

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Tom Montreal, QC, Canada

Tutor/ Research Blogger

I'm passionated about sustainability-related issues. In fact, I host a website which explores how lifestyle habits, medical system, manufacturing proc...

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