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Channavy Montreal, QC, Canada

Project Manager

Hi there! Are you looking for someone to manage your project or your blog? Are you in the hunt for the best person to help you maintain your Sharep...

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sagar Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Application developer

I am a full stack web application developer working on cutting edge technologies such as Nodejs with Sails or express for API, Ruby with Rails, PHP wi...

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Fadi Montreal, QC, Canada


• Software Engineer with 10+ years of experience developing software under both Web and Windows environments, with a focus on the .NET platform ...

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Iain Montreal, QC, Canada


Copywriting, editing, blogging, light photoshop, video editing, SEO.

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Abigail Montreal, QC, Canada

Project management

To come

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pauline Montreal, QC, Canada

University student French tutor

team player speak three languages (french english spanish) critical thinker game changer

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Michel Montreal, QC, Canada

PR & Social Media Marketing

I’m a 23 year old business student with a few years of hands-on experience up my sleeve. With a special knack for start-ups and technology, I am als...

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Quentin Montreal, QC, Canada

Developper / Scrum master

I have 5 years experience on developpement I have many wordpress websites online http://paquerettes-paris.com/ https://www.modulis.com/ http...

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VISHAL Montreal, QC, Canada

Wordpress Expert, Shopify, Website

- 4 years of experience in web applications. - Wordpress Expert, plugin development, theme customization - Codeignitor, Laraval, solarphp, angularj...

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Frederic Montreal, QC, Canada

Designer Graphique Senior

Esprit créatif, sens artistique développé et toujours de bonne humeur, je possède une grande expérience dans les univers aussi variés que le des...

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Rémi Montreal, QC, Canada

Computers, Internet, communication,

Je suis une personne éduqué avec beaucoup d'entregent et une facilité à la communication hors du commun. Pationné de technologies, j'ai une conna...

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Silviya Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Developer

I'm offering you to plan, create and code your web pages. I have experience with Web Development and programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScri...

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Jonathan Montreal, QC, Canada

Programmeur / Développeur Web

J'ai complété un AEC en Programmation orienté objet et technologies web. J'ai travaillé pour Ceko Web pendant 7 mois. Mon expérience est princi...

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Yan Montreal, QC, Canada

Digital Consultant

Entrepreneur because I have always been self-employed. Because of this, I adapt to customer requests so I'm very flexible. I'm very curious because I ...

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maxime Montreal, QC, Canada


Marketing professional with proven experience in project management, marketing strategy and digital marketing. Passionate about technology with highly...

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saumil Montreal, QC, Canada

Software developer

• Around 4 years of experience in analysis, design and development of n-tiered web applications on .NET platform • Proficient in Web Services, SO...

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mohamed Montreal, QC, Canada

Software Engineering student

young, ,fresh and motivated worker with a lot of work experience. Extremely versatile and educated.

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Sandra Lynn Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Specialist / Photographer

I am a creative person whose skills include Web Design (Wordpress, Adobe AEM, Shopify, and Photography. I have extensive Photoshop skills and I write...

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Adrian Montreal, QC, Canada

Software Engineering


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Janu Montreal, QC, Canada

Computer Science, SEO, Java, PHP,


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azadeh Montreal, QC, Canada

System Administrator

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Xavier Montreal, QC, Canada

Excel expert

5 years of experience in Excel Visual basics

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Alexanne Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Designer/Integrator

With my various experiences in communication, I can participate in many steps of a projects. My strong skills are Web design and developpement, but I'...

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Matthieu Montreal, QC, Canada

Analyste en géomatique

Plusieurs années d'expériences en systèmes d'information géographique, où j'ai été amené à travailler sur des projets de grandes envergures, ...

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Frances Montreal, QC, Canada

Content Creator/Curator

I am self-motivated and detail-oriented team player. I have strong expertise in gaining knowledge on a certain community and delivering value to their...

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Diane Montreal, QC, Canada

Customer Service

I have been working as a Team Leader in our Customer Support department for the last 2 years. We started as a tech-fashion startup and have grown from...

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Nohora Montreal, QC, Canada

UX/UI Senior Web designer

Skills with 10 years experience in: - Art Direction. - UX/UI Designer. - Responsive Web designer (RWD). - Development and designs in HTML5 and CSS...

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Christian Montreal, QC, Canada

Drupal Web Developer

I am a professional Drupal web developer. I have over 10 years of experience in web development. I am very self-motivated, organized, focused and am a...

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Tusarkanti Montreal, QC, Canada


PHP/Perl Developer on Linux with SQl

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Andres Montreal, QC, Canada

Graphic designer , web designer

I love to create digital solutions for your communications needs and budget. I'm a team player with a big seance of compromise for each project

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georges Montreal, QC, Canada



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Mehdi Montreal, QC, Canada

Web developer

Hi, I'm Mehdi, a web and arts enthusiast. My fields of expertise are web development, SEO, writing and sound design. I am experienced in the follow...

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Morris Montreal, QC, Canada

Software developer

I develop websites, blogs, and membership sites. I have experience with email and twitter marketing. I have experience with c#, .net, sql, and asp....

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Sarah Montreal, QC, Canada


Junior Web Designer (3 years of work experience in Web industry) with a background in graphic design / UI design and enthusiast about web development,...

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Paritosh Montreal, QC, Canada

Website, Android Developer

Overviews, About Us sections, et al. I consider them redundant places to show what you can do. No flashy list of skills. Plain, simple stuff, Android...

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Marcos Montreal, QC, Canada

Business Analysis and Web Design

I am a Business Analyst with a wide knowledge of web development. My main experiences are: - Agile development - Project Management - Web Develop...

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Connor Montreal, QC, Canada

Software Developer

While technological skills are important, a vast majority of failures in software stem from human aspects. The most important part of software devel...

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Alexandre Montreal, QC, Canada

Web developper - integrator/CSS/SEO

I am what I am

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Gustavo Montreal, QC, Canada

Web designer and graphic designer

Fast learner

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Mathieu Montreal, QC, Canada

Intégrateur développeur Front-end

Passionnée des technologies Web, je me spécialise dans la stratégie, la coordination et le développement de projets Web. Je sais définir une str...

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carla Montreal, QC, Canada

Communication vidéo reportage gesti

I work for a year as ten reporter and now producer. I have taken courses at UQAM in Communications and am currently at HEC in project management and I...

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Jiyoung Montreal, QC, Canada

Customer Service

Customer Service Intermediate Currently used/1 years Call Service Intermediate Currently used/1 years Complaint Handling Expert Currently used/4 yea...

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Laura Montreal, QC, Canada

Création site Internet

Communication et gestion de projets numériques Création de sites Internet Wordpress Rédaction web PSA Peugeot Citroën - Consultante CRM - 1 a...

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Muhammad Montreal, QC, Canada


To work as a designer and developer in the industry while simultaneously acquiring new technical skills

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Cameron Montreal, QC, Canada

Web developer

My name is Cameron Monagle. I’m a bilingual developer based in Montreal. I speak English, French, PHP, HTML, Javascript/jQuery, CSS/Sass, Liquid, an...

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Nadim Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Design/Concept Art

Portfolio: http://www.artworkings.net I am an artist and designer who is passionate about web development, installation projects, illustration and ...

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jean-baptiste Montreal, QC, Canada

Développeur web/Filemaker

Après un stage à Montréal en agence web (Telegraphe), je suis retourné travaillé en France en tant que travailleur indépendant : blogosite.fr D...

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Lucille Montreal, QC, Canada

WordPress Consultant, WordPress Developer, WordPress Designer

My passion for web design all started out as just a hobby in early 2006. Since then, I have helped businesses and individuals market themselves on the...

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Mohammad Montreal, QC, Canada

web designing and developing

Please visit my web site : www.bagherinasab.ir

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Eric Montreal, QC, Canada

Experienced SMB Marketing & Business Development Manager

What you need to know about me in my four areas of expertise: - Business Development: I know how to talk to clients and how to LISTEN to them. - Co...

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Sebrina Montreal, QC, Canada

Graphic Designer

I am a highly motivated and disciplined graphic designer that strives to please the client in every facet. I believe in making beautiful and engaging...

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Diana Montreal, QC, Canada

Graphic Designer/Infographiste

Positive, cheerful and open to new ideas. Quick learner & collaborative team player. Strong organizational abilities. Excellent communication skil...

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Thomas Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Developer

Games and Web. These two words summarize my main interests and the direction I am going in. In the last few years I have worked mostly in Games a...

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Alfredo Montreal, QC, Canada

Animarion, video editing, motion graphics

Throughout the years, I’ve developed different skills and abilities, and the fact that I’ve lived in different countries and learned different lan...

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Genevieve Montreal, QC, Canada

Web designer / graphiste

Je suis Geneviève Flageol, designer web et graphiste depuis 5 ans. Au cours de mes expériences, j’ai développé un souci du détail et un sens...

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Edda Montreal, QC, Canada

Front-end web developer

I've been working as a full-time Web developer since 2006, focusing on Front-end web development in the last few years. In my career I have worked on ...

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Dhaval Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Designer, Wordpress, Joomla, Sitefinity, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator,

I always preferred to work in a good software company. To collect more knowledge and to get more experience in corporate world, also in the software a...

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Max Montreal, QC, Canada

Skilled in communications - a real people person

Incredibly easy going, up to any task. Kind, loyal, persistent are just a few words that would describe me in a work environment. One thing that stand...

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Gilles Montreal, QC, Canada


20 ans d'expérience en informatique et bureautique

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Hamidreza Montreal, QC, Canada

Business Administration, Marketing, Sale manager

Outside of the box thinking! That's it... Hire me to get a new sense of an employee.

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Eyner Montreal, QC, Canada

Programmer Analyst

An enthusiastic programmer who would like to contribute to the success of IT project teams by applying his programming and analytical skills.

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robeen Montreal, QC, Canada

Complete web developer

To be wrote...

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Joanan Montreal, QC, Canada

Mobile and cloud geek!

Mobile entrepreneur, with also years of experience installing, administering and integrating different computer and telecommunication network systems....

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Regina Montreal, QC, Canada

customer service, data entry, time management

I have over 5 years experience in customer service and related fields. I am organized and adaptable; capable of multitasking.

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James Montreal, QC, Canada

Web, Technology, Design and Media Consultant

As a technology and media professional my goal is to provide unique, creative, honest and cost effective solutions to every organization and person I ...

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Joanna Montreal, QC, Canada

web developer

For the past year, I have worked as a full-stack web developer at a small startup company in Montréal, La Boussole des Arts. Their main project, oper...

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Pat Montreal, QC, Canada

workpress, online marketing, VA services

• Proficient in many computer document and design programs, social networking, SEO, (html5, internet marketing, ecommerce systems and WordPress) ...

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Martine Montreal, QC, Canada

Website Designer

I have work experience in diverse fields, from hospitality, to agriculture, to private equity due diligence research, to website design... I majored ...

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Ernst Montreal, QC, Canada

Business Owner - Online Marketing expert - Computer Technician - Web Developper

I love to read and improve my skills. I started my computer company but when I am free I take on small contracts.

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Francis Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Developer

I'm a Montreal based web developer with 5+ years experience in PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, SEO, as well as with the Joomla! and WordPress management s...

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Muruts Montreal, QC, Canada

Multimedia Expert

I have a bachelor of commerce with a major in Finance. I worked for many years in the customer service industry (retail, call center, technical suppo...

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Francis Montreal, QC, Canada

Front End Developer & Designer

I am a developer and designer currently looking to create new work relationships that can benefit both parties. I am a professional, dedicated and pas...

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Michaël Montreal, QC, Canada

Virtual Assistant 24/7 & Digital Nomad

I offer 24/7 virtual assistant services to professionals in need of an extra mind and extra hands to lighten their administrative burden. I am a very ...

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Heather Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Design

I am a highly adaptive and motivated individual looking for challenging and exciting work.

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Yevgen Montreal, QC, Canada

Front-end Web Developer

Deep experience and understanding of HTML5, CSS3 Strong working knowledge in cross platform/browser compatibility (IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.)...

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mouna Montreal, QC, Canada


grande expertise avec magento

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Marc Montreal, QC, Canada

PHP developer

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Jesus Antonio Montreal, QC, Canada

front end web developer, integrator and triner

Proficient in setting up WordPress sites Expertise in Microsoft Products and Adobe Suite, basic and advanced level. Skill in front-end responsive d...

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Karan Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Developer and Mobile App Developer

Meticulous Android Developer who undertakes complex assignments, meet tight deadlines and delivers superior performance. Possesses practical knowled...

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ghali Montreal, QC, Canada

Wordpress Developper


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Yves-gabriel Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Programmer

I have created few successful online commerce and have lots of different works in my portfolio. I'd be happy to help you out with your projects!

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Fabian Montreal, QC, Canada

Accompagnement et service conseil en informatique libre: GNU/Linux, etc.

Consultant GNU/Linux spécialisé en technologies libres, j’offre mes services en français, anglais et espagnol via mon entreprise Le Goût du Libr...

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Gérémy Montreal, QC, Canada

Programmeur Web

Je suis un programmeur web qui recherche des défis. J'ai déjà plusieurs site web en banque que j'ai fabriqué pour des entreprises locales, provinc...

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Adel Montreal, QC, Canada

Web and Software Developer

I love challenges in the programming field specially web development and software programming.

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Erick Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Developer

Programming Languages Experience in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax, Java, C#, C++, C, Visual Basic, Pascal Development Environments Worked wit...

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Richard Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Designer-Developer

Friendly immediately available web designer

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Ralph Montreal, QC, Canada


Jean-Francois is a Senior freelance with Application Architecture and Developments skills. - specialized in Content Management Systems Design and I...

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Virginie Montreal, QC, Canada

Digital Business Expertise

 Bilingual (French/English) MBA graduate specialized in Marketing and Digital Business, with strong organizational, management, communication, crea...

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Guillaume Montreal, QC, Canada

Communication Advisor

I've been developing websites with Wordpress, writing for websites (SEO), doing online advertising, proofreading, etc.

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parth Montreal, QC, Canada

software developer

I am always faithful to my work. Never comprise in working period.

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AMelie Montreal, QC, Canada

Great Photographer

MS Office, Outlook, Excel, Powerpoint, Photoshop, Illustrator,Capture one Pro, Lightroom, Wordpress. Dreamweaver et Final cut Pro,Basic HTML. Bilingu...

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Alberto Montreal, QC, Canada

Web Development Consultant

Skilled web programmer with eighteen years of experience in planning, design and development of web applications. - Web Application Architect - Ex...

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Edda Montreal, QC, Canada

Front-end web developer

I am a freelance web developer specialized in Front-end web development. My focus is on integration, PSD to HTML and making websites in Joomla and Wor...

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Donna Montreal, QC, Canada


I am a visual person, capable of proofing text quickly.

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Ndeye tabara Montreal, QC, Canada

Intégratrice web

Php intermédiaire ,html5 et css3 avancé, JavaScript (jQuery) , SEO ,LESS, Wordpress ,Photoshop

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Francis Montreal, QC, Canada

Dedicated Web Developer

http://frnk.ca I'm a Montreal based web developer and technical drafter with 5+ years experience in PHP, HTML, Javascript, CSS, SEO, as well as wit...

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Neisky Montreal, QC, Canada

Great graphic/web designer, photographer, journalist

Wordpress, E-commerce, Adobe Photoshop, Ilustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Bridge, Lightroom, Premiere, HTML, CSS, Basic Javascript, PHP, Jquery and ...

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Tom Montreal, QC, Canada

Tutor/ Research Blogger

I'm passionated about sustainability-related issues. In fact, I host a website which explores how lifestyle habits, medical system, manufacturing proc...

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