Social Media Expert : Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Social Media Expert?

A social media expert is a marketing or communication role. Traditional marketing and advertising mediums- print, radio, billboard and/or television -lack relevance in today’s digital landscape. Social media experts have an expertise in online marketing campaigns. Social media experts are the professionals that communicate to the on-line community. A social media expert is internet savvy and uses social media platforms as their marketing tool. Social Media experts are in-demand as companies seek them to attract new clients and grow their business. Social media experts typically have a creative mind set and have strong writing skills. Social media experts have a strong understanding of social media metrics and an ability to analyze and summarize data using analytical tools and Google Adwords. Social media experts are vital to attract the attention of the modern consumer. See examples of these talented social media experts.

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What does Social Media Expert do?

Social media experts manage online marketing campaigns on the different social media platforms. Typical day-to-day activities and responsibilities include creating content on relevant topics to target the company’s market and potential customers; creating schedules for posts to put onto social media platforms; managing paid campaigns; engaging with influencers; monitoring social media activity and answering inquiries. You may consider hire a blog writer who specializes in creating the content needed. See these example profiles of top bloggers for hire. In addition, social media experts continuously measure the success of campaigns using analytical tools. See examples of social media expert job postings.

Why hire a social media expert?

You decide to hire a social media expert to create, build and promote your brand. A social media expert represents your business on social media platforms. They are your brand’s voice and help build brand recognition and brand image. Social media experts are marketing professionals who can engage with and grow your followers with the goal of acquiring new clients and increasing the frequency of current clients. A social media expert knows how to target the right audience and turn followers into customers to make your company more money. In order to maximize the benefits of a Social Media expert be sure to take the time to properly onboard them so they can quickly grasp your company values and distinctive brand.

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Social Media freelancer in Toronto
“Good social media is about authentically telling your story, clearly stating your added value, and emotionally connecting to a community of people who believe in your vision and, therefore, also believe in your product or service.”
-Zoe, Marketing Expert in Toronto

Who is a social media expert?

A social media expert is typically a creative professional with strong marketing and communication skills. They write a lot of content and should be good writers. You do not necessarily need a professional degree to work as a social media expert. However, a degree in marketing and communications is an asset. Social media experts should have solid knowledge of analytical tools and can keep up-to-date with the latest online trends. Graphic designing and video production are great assets to have for creating content. Not all social media experts have video production and graphic design skills and that’s ok! You can always outsource that work to a freelancer. See these profiles of talented Graphic designers and Video experts.

How to become a social media expert?

You do not require a university degree or a certification to work as a social media expert. However, a degree in marketing and communications or a certification in social media marketing is a definite asset. As a social media expert, you must have advanced knowledge and be skilled with all social media platforms. You can enrol yourself in social media courses to acquire the needed skills. To become an expert, you will need experience in the field. Once you have the experience you can become a freelancer as a new career and even acquire the necessary tools to work independently. Try to start off as an intern in a marketing agency to get the relevant work experience. Internships are often unpaid or paid with a stipend but provide the experience you need to get your career as a social media expert started. Read more about internships here. You must keep up to date on current online marketing techniques and have a solid understanding and an ability to use analytical tools. These skills can also be acquired through online courses.

How to hire a social media expert?

The best way to hire a social media expert is by posting your needs on job boards for full-time Social media professionals or on freelance platforms like Workhoppers to find an expert on freelance or part-time. The most important thing to consider when hiring a social media expert is your ROI (Return on Investment) and the expert experience. Be sure the professional you hire can properly provide reports and analytics and can define the right strategy for your business that will result in a positive ROI. Carefully consider who you hire and do your homework by verifying their credentials, talking to companies they have worked with and analyzing the social media accounts they manage. For tips on How To Hire a Freelancer read here.

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