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Company,Community,Industry Research in London

Location:London, ON, Canada (From home)

Education level: College/University
Education field: Business
Years of experience: 2 - 5 years
Attributes that best describes:
Independent worker
Strong analytical skills

I like conducting and writing specific research reports on companies, industries, competition, and community.
I have a Bachelor's degree in Marketing Management.
I like working independently on my own without any supervision. Personally, I believe that creativity is born and novel ideas come into existence when one is working alone.

Languages: English, Hindi


My working habits:

Sanket is expeditious with an urgent and impatient desire to produce quick results. He is quite competitive, self-confident and seeks success. Sanket enjoys challenge, seeks difficult objectives and wants authority in his area of expertise. He greatly enjoys variety in his work, changing environments and is quickly bored with routine and repetitive work. Sanket responds to situations of pressure quickly and positively. He is restless and energetic. He is an individual who forecasts, plans ahead, anticipates difficulties and, in general, is well prepared for most situations. Sanket is prepared to take risk and to use his initiative; even under threatening or unfavorable circumstances. Sanket has a strong desire to effect change for the improvement of existing methods, systems and processes. He is, in many ways, an agent of change. In dealing with people, Sanket will be intense, quickly changing and demanding. He is persuasive and has the ability to communicate due to his energy, intensity, enthusiasm and charismatic approach. He has the ability to motivate others into action. He can work with and through people to get things done, but tends to listen only superficially. Has a strong sense of urgency. Because he is inquisitive and logical, Sanket has the ability to solve detailed programs, presenting information in a systematic manner and verifying quality standards. Being direct and competitive, he will actively seek to have control over the situations in which he is involved. In general, handing control to others may well cause him some degree of tension.

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