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image description Hagi

Internship and entry-level job seek in Baku

Location:Baku, Azerbaijan (From home)

Education level: Masters
Education field: Business
Years of experience: 2 - 5 years
Rate: 15
Attributes that best describes:
Team player
Good communicator

I have worked in customer service. I learnt to be patient and tactical throughout that period. Later i worked in tourism agency as incoming manager. I have participated in forums and events as a representative and practiced interpersonal skills and discovered tolerant human inside me. Also I have volunteered in international conferences, games held in Baku. Near the end of graduation (Master's degree) I have been offered a job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Azerbaijan. At the moment, I am not working due to pandemic. After a long research I decided to study in Canada to fulfill my childhood dream. I want to be a project manager. Honestly, I need money for my education in college, so I am able to do every job online as I am currently based in Baku. Anyone who offers job with less salary, I am in. Thanks to read to the end)

Languages: English, Russian, Turkish


My working habits:

Hagi is a pleasant, intense and impatient individual. She wants to get things started, moving forward and with results as quickly as possible. Hagi can handle many projects and activities at any given time. Hagi is rarely satisfied with the status quo; she is always seeking ways to change and improve current systems, methods and results. To effect the change, Hagi will conceive plans and use her energy, focusing on the goal, her speaking skills and charisma to influence and persuade people to agree with her plans. Hagi dislikes routine, prefers a lot of variety in her work and quickly adapts to changing tasks and situations. She can adapt to the needs of others, if they are clear. Hagi is versatile, agile and frequently shows potential for imaginative and creative work. She is very intellectual and likes to investigate facts. She requires supporting proof. Hagi is strongly interested in people and can be effective in interpersonal situations. Many will respond positively to her energetic, extroverted, enthusiastic and spontaneous style. She can also work well on her own to think and plan tasks. Hagi likes to handle difficult challenges at work. She is a competitive individual who likes to compete and win. Given her strong sense of urgency, she may become stressed by missed deadlines and having too many long-term projects to handle.

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