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image description Safieh

Research Proposal development in Toronto

Location:Toronto, ON, Canada (Anywhere)

Education level: PHD
Education field: Medical and Health Professions
Years of experience: more than 5
Attributes that best describes:

For more than 11 years I have excelled at developing grant-funded scientific research with the objective of setting priorities’ to foster sustainable solutions within health systems. Further, by utilizing existing evidence within empirical scientific methodology I have been working towards making those within health systems as well as those affected by them – directly and indirectly – better equipped to utilize them through quantitative and qualitative research methods. I do this via policy frameworks and program evaluation between the government, non-profit and private sector partnerships.
I have more than seven years of experience managing research projects across multiple disciplines, varying cultural contexts, with ever-evolving skill-sets to deliver high-quality work as a cutting-edge public health science specialist. During this time, I have pioneered a number of innovative techniques for communicable diseases in both high- and low-resource settings for monitoring and evaluation, surveillance, research, training, public information and coordination at the country level across Africa, Asia and Europe. I am guided by a strong sense of duty and ethical principles due to my background as a medical doctor, reflected in my career choices as an operational researcher from the humanitarian sector.

Languages: English, Urdu


My working habits:

Safieh is a meticulous and precise thinker with innate dynamism for problem solving. She is analytical and creative and has considerable curiosity about the cause of problems. She may have a wide range of interests. She has s a direct, logical, precise and systematic style in her focus and way of reaching objectives. She is concerned with perfection and does not like failure or mistakes. She enjoys challenging tasks and emphasizes the use of facts and logic to handle complex challenges and to respond to difficult deadlines. She prefers novelty, imaginative ideas and work that involves change and variety. Occasionally, Safieh may appear introverted. She may work as a team member, but may perhaps feel better working on her own. She is intense, impatient, and demanding in her relationships with people. She will display impatience if she feels the others are not doing their job. Although she performs in adherence with rules and procedures, she is very independent about other things. She has an innate inclination for creativity and strives to attain precision and perfection. Safieh has a strong sense of urgency, although at the same does not want to make mistakes. Being a direct and competitive individual, she will actively seek to control the situations in which she is involved. In general, having to hand over control to others will cause her some tension. She possibly perceives irrelevant social conversations as a waste of time.

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