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Digital Marketing in Dhaka

Location:Dhaka, Bangladesh (From home)

Education level: High school graduate
Education field: Computer Sciences
Years of experience: 2 - 5 years
Rate: 10
Attributes that best describes:
Strong analytical skills

ManyChat Specialist, Chat Bot Facebook Messenger Marketing

If you are a business owner who wanted to set up a ManyChat messenger chatbot on Facebook because:

- You want to automate your Facebook page messenger and generate more leads
- You are struggling to get more sales without spending more
- You find it challenging to qualifying leads
- You are spending too much time answering repetitive inquiries to your Facebook page
- You wanted to give a free lead magnet to potential customers
- You are looking to implement automation in ManyChat for your e-commerce brand

Or you simply need help in growing your business?

The process is simple, send me an invite and I would love to get to know more about you and your business.

What are the challenges you are currently facing and what are the goals you want to achieve?

Do I have a solution to solve your glaring problem?

I don't know.

Like a doctor, I won't prescribe or sell you anything unless I'm sure it is exactly the solution that you need.

ManyChat, Facebook messenger bot, chatbot, doesn't matter.

What's important is I can help you solve your problem.

I will only want to take your money if I'm certain I can be able to help you.

And if I can't, I'll be honest upfront.

See, I don't want to waste your time and I certainly don't want to waste my time either.

Are you ready to solve your problem?

Let's do it.

Languages: Bengali, English


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