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Financial Analyst & Manager in Jakarta

Location:Jakarta, Indonesia (Anywhere)

Education level: Masters
Education field: Business
Years of experience: more than 5
Rate: USD 20

Financial Accounting and Investment Management Professional with experiences working to lead finance department and as financial analyst / specialist in several government ministry institutions, international non-government organizations and commercial companies for 15 years, contributing for international funded projects such as World Bank, USAID, USDA, European Union, Astra Zeneca, Johnson & Johnson in partnership with Ernst & Young, KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers for auditing services and financial business model studies. Master's degree in financial accounting and capital market with cum laude graduation from a well-known university. Strong talent in leadership & management skills.

Accomplished at developing the financial & operational management for several international projects, delivering accountancy services on good governance in financial aspects, and developing financial business model for 15 year-program of modern land information system in digital transformation program of Indonesian government.

Languages: English


My working habits:

Florens is a precise, accurate and meticulous individual. She constantly seeks perfection and is very interested in details. She is normally quiet and discreet, and will have no problem working once she receives precise instructions about what she has to do. Florens is careful and although she has some attention to detail, she also requires tasks that are varied, to avoid getting bored and to achieve maximum efficiency. She likes to think about things. Florens uses her logical and analytical skills to respond to complex and difficult problems. Florens is systematic, methodical and disciplined. In her approach to work she tends to adhere very closely to policies, guidelines and rules. She tends to observe protocol. She works more effectively and comfortably in structured, clear and unequivocal situations. Florens can work well on her own to solve problems and plan activities. She can be efficient in team work, in small groups and in one-on-one relationships. Florens will attempt to satisfy the needs of others. In general, she will respect the ideas, opinions and behaviors of others, especially those she trusts. She will feel motivated with specialized tasks, either as a team member or on her own. Her authority must be based mainly on her skills and her functions can include varied types of tasks. Her general approach is cautious and conservative. She prefers having a good amount of data before committing to a course of action or making a decision.

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