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Sales, Sales Management, Regional Management in Dallas

Location:Dallas, TX, United States (Anywhere)

Education level: Some college/University
Education field: Other
Years of experience: more than 5
Attributes that best describes:
Team player
Independent worker

Myself (somewhat) as well as others seem to feel that I am a perfectionist... I have had employers and or coworkers tell me all that is required of me is too tell the time. I unfortunately / fortunately prefer too build the watch. Every aspect of my sales / management career has had AOR's that gave specific, clear and concise requirements. While I understand that giving more than those requirements may or may not be looked at in good favor, I feel that it is absolutely necessary to be a professional. In SALES and SALES MANAGEMENT the requirements are in almost all circumstances is to know the product(s) or Service(s) offered as well as the competitors product / service and how too sell based on VALUE not PRICE. That all information can be taught or learned through literature and media, it is... in my eyes not that simple! I want or need too know "why is the product like it is?" , "how the internal workings are set to achieve this value or function?", etc.

The industry which I currently operate (independently currently), is a very small and very competitive market area. I have been at the Upper Manufacturing Levels of the industry for over 20 years and NOT ONCE actually applied or searched for employment. This is not because of a DEGREE, or I am that much better than the others (at least not in my eyes), but that I am very good at selling myself to the prospective client(s) AND I know every aspect of the Product be presented. Not just the Specs and Ratings that any client can find on printed literature, not from a scripted VALUE sheet, but because I know not only those items, but can walk into the manufacturing facility and understand absolutely what every person is doing and why. I learn and research what that particular person must know too accomplish their specific task and the overall process that blends 25-30 departments to arrive at the final product.

I also strive too understand why the client needs and uses the particular product(s). I have taken countless hours of instruction, training, and working in the field with professionals that train the end users of the products so that I can better understand, suggest, recommend and or demonstrate the product with out appearing as though I am like the rest of the Sales and Marketing personnel in the industry. What it all boils down too is I SELL MYSELF FIRST, and then the PRODUCT / SERVICE. For that reason I have been very successful at what I do even when the Product Price is much higher and or less offered for the same amount. The VALUE they perceive is being able too call on ME when they need it.

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