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Email copywriter / Content writing in Lagos

Location:Lagos, Nigeria (From home)

Education level: College/University
Education field: Computer Sciences
Years of experience: 2 - 5 years
Attributes that best describes:
Team player
Strong analytical skills
Good communicator

Increase brand awareness and ultimately persuade a person or group to take a particular action.
writes clear, concise copy for ads and marketing materials.
Drive customer satisfaction.
Identify high value audiences.
Increase customer leads.
Increase customer retention/loyalty.
Drive first purchases.

Languages: English


My working habits:

Okechukwu is generally hard-working and loyal, with great talent to handle administrative and specialized jobs. He is patient, quiet, polite and pleasant. Okechukwu is tactful and uses tact in his approach to others. In addition to meticulous and reliable, he also has the ability to finish tasks in a logical, systematic and precise way. Okechukwu is a tolerant individual who is prepared to recognize, respect and generally accept the ideas, opinions and behaviors of others. He shows genuine concern for the information others have to offer. He is capable of working in harmony with rules, follows procedure, calculates risks and studies every angle of a problem. He is friendly and laid back. He has charisma and is willing to help others and to work with others towards a common goal. He prefers harmony in a group or team and will work to satisfy the needs of each individual. Okechukwu can become more sociable and extroverted when he is in pleasant or familiar environments. He will study situations carefully and only make decisions after a very careful analysis. Okechukwu is motivated by the need to belong to an organization or group and will always attempt, if possible, to avoid antagonistic or confrontational face-to-face situations. Okechukwu will base his authority on his knowledge and experience. He needs to know what is expected from him and objectives should be clear and specific.

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