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Customer Service and Sales Backgrou in Hamilton

Location:Hamilton, ON, Canada (From home)

Education level: Vocational training
Education field: Business
Years of experience: more than 5

Senior administrative professional with more than 6 years of dispatch and communications experience. Expertise is Customer Satisfaction Strong organisational and interpersonal skills leveraged in building solid business relationships across all levels of an organisation. A calm, decisive, motivated, and organised team member responsible for triaging based on priorities. Excellent ability to disseminate information in complex highly pressured environments. Efficient and accurate coordination of support duties in accordance with established policies and procedures. Constant monitoring of incoming information and anticipating resources needed to successfully meet objectives. Responsible oversight of the work of others ensuring quality and adherence to standards of practice while also able to take direction from others.

Languages: N/A


My working habits:

Darlene is a systematic, cooperative and collaborative thinker, oriented to following procedure. She works most comfortably and effectively in environments and situations that are structured and well-defined. Darlene normally acts in an organized and pre-determined way, in addition to being precise and paying attention to detail. She is cautious in her approach to problems and decisions. She will rarely confront colleagues and normally acts in a prudent and tactful way. She is patient and listens to others carefully, genuinely interested in their ideas, opinions and information. She can best express her thoughts and ideas in a small group or in one-on-one situations. She is a good team worker. Darlene will work to maintain harmony in a group, as she tries to satisfy people in an effort to avoid conflict. Darlene prefers clear and consistent operating procedures and avoids sudden or abrupt changes. Darlene is motivated by security, consistency and clarity of instructions and rules, as well as receiving constant reassurances that she is doing things well. Darlene will apply a logical and analytical thought process to solve problems. She does not wish to make mistakes and will adopt a perfectionist style in order to avoid them.

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