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WordPress Developer in Harare

Location:Harare , Zimbabwe (On-site)

Education level: College/University
Education field: Computer Sciences
Years of experience: 2 - 5 years
Attributes that best describes:
Independent worker
Good communicator

From age 10 I’ve always known I was meant for something greater than myself, and it was not until I was at university that I realized my true purpose of socially impacting other peoples lives. Being a social entrepreneur is my passion. I wake up every morning excited to lead a team of highly motivated and skilled youths towards the green economy of Zimbabwe. In my 3 years of being the founder of Refuse iT, I’ve found that the waste management industry particularly in Zimbabwe has a long way to go in terms of digitization and innovation. Apart from running Refuse iT, I also co-founded an outsourcing company called iContact Africa Solutions.

I am a dynamic and self-driven individual who embarked on a journey as a self-taught WordPress developer. Initially captivated by the power and flexibility of WordPress, I delved into its inner workings, quickly realizing the necessity of mastering fundamental web technologies. With a keen eye for design and a passion for coding, I meticulously learned HTML to structure web content, CSS to style and enhance visual appeal, PHP to manage server-side logic, and JavaScript to add interactivity. Through relentless perseverance and a hands-on approach, I transformed from a curious beginner into a proficient and versatile developer, adept at creating robust and engaging websites. My self-education path is a testament to my dedication, adaptability, and commitment to continuous learning in the ever-evolving world of web development.

Driven by a desire to excel in the digital landscape, I immersed myself in the comprehensive training offered by HubSpot Academy, mastering essential skills in content marketing, SEO, social media strategy, email marketing, and analytics. I also earned certification as a data analyst from Hotjar. Through this rigorous program, I gained invaluable skills in data collection, interpretation, and visualization, with a particular focus on user behavior analytics. Proficient in leveraging Hotjar's powerful tools, I excel at transforming complex data into actionable insights, optimizing user experiences, and driving strategic decisions.

Languages: English


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