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image description Samantha

Social Media and Content Marketing in Berlin

Location:Berlin, Germany (From home)

Education level: College/University
Education field: Liberal arts and humanities
Years of experience: more than 5
Attributes that best describes:
Team player

Top 5 Reasons You Should Hire me
Although there's no shortage of skilled marketing professionals at your disposal, there are certain people who would better fit your brand than others. You want someone who can not only accomplish the task at hand but deliver your brand's unique voice tone of voice in a way that resonates with your target audience. That's why I am submitting my bid to work with you and here are five reasons I'd be perfect for the job.

1.) Social Media Runs Through my Veins
Four years of professionally managing clients has given me the experience to know - for the most part - what works and what doesn't. I can answer questions like, "How often should I post?", "What platforms should I be using?", and "How do I get better results?".

2.) Quick Response Time
Social media never sleeps. Members of your channels will always be online and they want their questions answered before they even hit send. I am experienced in responding to customer queries and would be there when you're offline. Since I would be working closely with Mary Lou I should also add that I check my emails frequently and will always respond within 24 hours.

3.) Search is My Best Friend
If you need to find something, I will find it - no ifs, and or buts. I love scouring the internet for information and know the right search terms to enter to find what I am looking for.

4.) Equipped with the Right Tool Box
There are a ton of amazing free and paid tools online that I use in my personal and professional life. Slack for communicating, Hootsuite for posting and Wordpress for website building - to name a few. I love hearing about and learning to navigate new tools on the internet so I can share my best work.

5.) In it for the Long Haul
Your website has a ton of useful information for all walks of life and I see this as an idea that has tremendous room for growth. I'd love to start working with you now so I can grow with you into the future. I am location-independent and would like to stay that way.

Languages: N/A


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