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image description Toussaint Louverture

Vex, Graphic Artist, Game Develope in Montreal

Location:Montreal, QC, Canada (From home)

Education level: Vocational training
Education field: Computer Sciences
Years of experience: 2 - 5 years
Attributes that best describes:
Team player
Good communicator

I'm Toussaint Louverture H.G a self-taught Home Schooled CGI/GAME Developer! as an artist, show business has always been an interest to me, predominantly Music & Movies largely in part due to my father's influence and vision, to me there was no doubt I was always an artist!
My father is the song and story writer, with a multitude of great stories and music, he understood the importance of bringing life to stories, the world is predominantly a visual world, and the human mind retains 80% of what it sees vs 20% of what it reads!
Hence seeing my father struggle to find the right parties to bring his Visions to reality I decided to take on CGI at 12 years old (Computer Graphic Imagery) on my own. In less than 2 years working night and days with passion and desire to bring my father's vision to reality I can say now I’m a full fledged VFX, Game, VR, 3D, artist!
We also live with the belief that an artist should always have control over his art and craft, most of all freedom of expression with a clear positive message, being an artist is a privilege that are bestowed on us as architects who shapes the past, for the future and influences our present and daily lives of others. The moment an artist or art is restricted; there is no point anymore of being an artist! CGI gives us this ability to bring life to the imaginary minds without any limitations, CGI prolonged life of artists; long gone are the days where artists are judge by their age, today CGI can make an artist last forever through their wonderful talents and know how; arts never dies why should the creator (The Artist)?

We created eartisan at your service...

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