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image description Gabriel

Education & Training in Tampa

Location:Tampa, FL, United States (From home)

Education level: PHD
Education field: Education
Years of experience: more than 5
Attributes that best describes:
Independent worker
Strong analytical skills
Good communicator

As shown on my curriculum vita, I have worked for a variety of educational institutions and corporate communities throughout my career. I have 25 years experience as both an academic administrator within Internship and Educational Programing and also as a facilitator of Communications and Media within University, Community College, and Corporate Training environments. I currently work as the full time First Year Experience lead professor for the University of Tampa within the First Year Experience Baccalaureate Program and am familiar with many of the challenges and concerns that come with training both students and support staff.

Having also worked as an Internship Instructor and Coordinator at The Walt Disney Company for several years I have helped many international students and employees transition to academic environments and then into the professional workforce. I am familiar and experienced with handling and executing various criteria such as immigration documents, visas, government reports, and letters that international students need and/or have to provide to continue portions of their educational programs here in the US.

Languages: N/A


My working habits:

Gabriel generally approaches tasks, projects and assignments as a problem solver. She displays a sharp inclination for administration and specialization. She is highly reliable, very disciplined and precise, and also has the ability to evaluate facts in a logical and systematic way. She approaches issues and assignments in a thorough and detailed manner. Gabriel prefers to operate based on facts and data, although can also go beyond that and demonstrate creative thought. She is logical and analytical in her approach to problems and likes to understand the real causes of problems and issues. Gabriel is not easily disoriented with issues that make her lose focus and she wants to see proof or a logical story before committing to a plan or a proposal. Gabriel is somewhat reserved and measured, will think things over carefully and will probably appear to be very serious. She bases her relationships on trust and it therefore takes some time to trust others. Gabriel seeks sincere friendships and knows the difference between her friends and her acquaintances. She enjoys working alone, planning, thinking and solving problems. She can also work well in small groups and teams. Gabriel does not always feel very comfortable in large groups, especially if they are people she does not know. Perseverance and determination are intrinsic qualities in Gabriel. She will adhere to rules and show considerable respect for authority. Gabriel will be persistent and meticulous in her approach to work. She will probably consider irrelevant social conversations to be a waste of time. She needs privacy for her issues and personal thoughts.

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