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image description Virgilio

Learning and Development Professio in Manila

Location:Manila, Philippines (From home)

Education level: College/University
Education field: Engineering
Years of experience: more than 5
Attributes that best describes:
Team player
Good communicator

I worked in the retail and BPO industry for 30 years, Skilled in Retail and small time importation, a well-seasoned trainer with an abundance of corporate skills, made a name in the BPO industry as a multi-awarded trainer with very strong English communication skills and consistently high performance scores. I have saved a company I worked for, over $100,000 in Training Expenses by shortening a 7-week Training Course to 5 weeks. I scratch-built a nation-wide client pool for my own business, which started with a capital of PhP 5,000 worth of merchandise and is now worth PhP 350,000 and growing.

Languages: English


My working habits:

Virgilio is, by nature, accurate, precise and detail-oriented. He may handle an ample variety of tasks that require attention to detail applying knowledge and specialized experience. However, it is important to point out that although he has relative ease handling detailed work, he may get bored and frustrated with routine and repetitive work. He is intense and open to diversity, change and variety, but seeks perfection at the same time. Virgilio tends to be motivated by a sense of duty and responsibility. He wants to do the right thing, as well as do things in the best possible way. He will be concerned about improving and changing things. He may adopt a role of authority whenever he feels confident about the project on which he is working, and when he is backed by the organization as well as the rules. When that is the case, he can be very demanding with regards to adherence to rules and quality. Virgilio is very effective and feels comfortable when working within clear guidelines in well-defined situations. Virgilio is naturally tactful and will try to avoid confrontational situations and interpersonal conflicts. He will make an effort to establish cooperative work relationships with people. In fact, he often acts courteous to avoid criticism and confrontation. Virgilio can acquire a lot of technical information and share it in a persuasive and positive way. Virgilio will feel motivated when using his skills to evaluate the consequences of actions taken. He will be effective in the quick and detailed analysis of large amounts of data, documents, contracts, processes, etc.

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